Emergency Response training in South India

First Response Radio is a network of partners, including Feba, working together to equip and train emergency response teams and to deploy teams to respond to emergencies as needed. First Response Radio teams ideally comprise of radio, humanitarian and government workers, a particularly successful mix of skills for emergency response. We were involved in a training programme in South Indian.Read more

Reaching Remote Areas with Radio

In a region where religious broadcasting is illegal, short wave radio programmes are reaching remote areas and crossing religious, political and geographical boundaries to transform people’s lives.Read more

How radio overcomes barriers to sharing God’s love 24 hours a day

Geographical, political, religious or cultural barriers can hinder sharing about God's love and the transformation it can bring. Our partner in Central Asia tell us how an internet radio ministry is able to reach beyond these barriers.Read more

Radio: a voice of hope in a crisis

Radio can play a vital part in disaster response. Sharing accurate information and educating people about appropriate action can save lives.Read more

Educational radio transforming communities

The broadcasts of Radio Wimbe in Mozambique and Afno FM in Nepal include programmes on health and hygiene, family life, agriculture and the environment. This informative content is helping listeners transform their lives and communities.Read more

Radio in North East Africa: Bold, creative and diverse

Working in North East Africa, our partners are keen to see the spiritual transformation of listeners in the region through their radio programmes.Read more

Getting the message heard

When important radio content can’t be heard because of poor reception, a little lateral thinking is called for … find out how Udaan listeners are accessing the programme in Uttar Pradesh.Read more

Radio to assist an active faith and living hope in Yemen

A worsening humanitarian crisis has been fuelled by the conflict in Yemen. Providing hope, support and information, the Yemen Project uses radio to support persecuted Christians, displaced people and listeners affected by the conflict.Read more

Training the Trainers - Emergency Response Radio

Member of the CDAC network (Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities) First Response Radio prepares teams in emergency response radio, in advance of disaster. A recent meeting in Bangalore focused on "Training the Trainers".Read more

International Day of the Girl

Celebrating the world's 1.1 billion girls, October 11th is International Day of the Girl Child. Feba works with partners using radio to raise awareness of the significant challenges girls face due to social constraints and inequality.Read more

After 30 years, you're back in Congo

We met a Congolese listener who'd tuned into Feba's broadcasts in the 1970's and 1980's. Over 30 years later, Komalungo is thrilled to have us back supporting community station, Umoja FM.Read more

Iraq’s Christians and minority groups “on verge of disappearance”

Following the devastating attacks on the Shiite community in Baghdad during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a new report highlights the suffering of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Iraq.Read more

Listener in Pakistan: Can I trust you?

Increased listeners and callers to programmes in Pakistan mean follow-up workers are not just busy, but short-staffed and looking to recruit.Read more

Life as a Christian radio producer in Iraq

Operating in a country with a volatile security situation, the IraqFM team delivers broadcasts that seek peace and reconciliation in a war torn area. We asked one of their radio producers what life is like living out their Christian faith in that context.Read more

Can radio really help Persecuted Christians in Yemen?

Addressing problems people experience every day, our partners provide radio for those living through a conflict largely unseen outside the country.Read more

How 3 radio projects are changing lives across Africa

3 transformational radio projects in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and DRC are making life-giving media and communications for change.Read more

Pakistani Radio Celebrates 10th Anniversary

A decade ago, Syban Radio launched in response to the major Kashmir earthquake of 2005. Ten years later, the FM programme is still addressing the health needs of communities in Pakistan.Read more

What is the difference between SW, MW and FM radio?

Find out how Feba's partners use various forms of 'radio' to suit the needs of different places, different contexts and different communities.Read more

Praying for the Path to Peace - Yemen

Scheduled to start on 18 April in Kuwait, our prayers are that the talks bring a permanent ceasefire and peace to Yemen.Read more

Radio Umoja FM is launched in Nobili

Radio Umoja is launched in Kamango, DRC - with the slogan 'together we can'.Read more

How using SALT can help respond to Ebola in Sierra Leone

As global interest moves on to other humanitarian issues, Feba UK is continuing a follow up response to Ebola, using a method with a particular flavour.Read more

What does an Ebola jingle sound like?

We sent 1,000 radios for distribution in Sierra Leone to assist with the international Ebola response. Find out what Ebola messages sound like.Read more

Sierra Leone counts down to being Ebola-free

Join us in hope and prayer that Sierra Leone is able to declare itself officially free of Ebola.Read more