Youth radio programme helps build for the future

*Rising Voices is a radio show seeking to be a friendly and reliable source of information, addressing young people’s issues in a relevant and culturally appropriate way.

A young person leaves home and goes to look for work in the city. Once there, they are faced with the stark reality that despite having achieved a good education, jobs are few and far between. What does the future hold for them? Is there a place for them in society?  This is a common story found in many countries, but today this story is being told in North East Africa...

Many young people living in the city (unnamed for security reasons) have the desire to play a part for good in their society but have few opportunities to contribute. As *Dawit, Feba’s Regional Media Advisor, says: “The youth are the future of any country… If they are trained, supported and empowered they can bring lasting transformation in the whole nation. Sadly most people do not realise this truth and the place the community gives to this growing population is very little.”

The youth are the future of any country...[and] can bring lasting transformation in the whole nation.

*Dawit, Feba’s Regional Media Advisor, North East Africa

The government of their country places restrictions on local media, so young people look further afield for entertainment, information and help, and as *Dawit explains: “Most of the information the youth get today is coming from untrusted sources...Most often they take it without weighing the pros and cons…”

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Relevant and culturally appropriate

“I believe the youth need a platform so that they can discuss their challenges and share with and from their peers, and learn from good sources that can build their whole future,” continues *Dawit. So earlier this year he and his team started producing a one-hour weekly programme on a local FM station, especially for young people.

Produced in country and in the culture, the programme *Rising Voices identifies with young people both in its style and content. The show includes music, interviews (where young people can share their opinions and experiences) and, as appropriate, an expert who gives more detailed information on a given subject.

Listeners can respond to the issues raised in the programmes by phone, text, social media and email.

Each programme raises an issue affecting young people, issues such as gender equality, integrity in work and relationships, volunteering, creativity, friendships, making decisions and how to use free time. Listeners can respond to the issues raised in the programmes by phone, text, social media and email. Not only is the programme a source of information on different aspects of life – practical, social and emotional – it also provides a platform for young people to share their concerns and make their voice heard.

*Dawit concludes: “Young people have huge potential to grow and change... They have the ability to do so many things, but getting a place, an opportunity in the community and country to implement their knowledge and wisdom is a challenge.”

Please pray for the young people listening to *Rising Voices that they would be helped and encouraged.

*Programme and coordinator name changed for security purposes