Feba began as Far East Broadcasting Associates, a small group of British supporters of the US-based Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC).

Inspired by FEBC’s use of radio to broadcast Christ to the world, in 1959 this group of British supporters took up the task of establishing a station in the Seychelles - a British Protectorate at the time.  Initially broadcasting into India, they became the Far East Broadcasting Association.  

We are now known as Feba Radio UK but in practice we use Feba (it’s less of a mouthful).  

By the 1970s Feba was regularly producing shortwave broadcasts and had developed studios, offices, housing, transmitters, and the offshore "reef" antenna system enabling programmes to reach across parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  Feba broadcast from the transmitter in the Seychelles until 2003 when our way of working changed; a new partnership model was employed, which focused on enabling local partners and communities to use media for their own transformative change.  

Today, radio remains an important tool for many hard-to-reach communities, but we use whatever media is most appropriate for each community. It may be radio - short wave, medium wave or community FM - or it may be web or social media-based.  

The way we choose to work with local partners is core to our belief that we can give communities the power to create real change in their own lives; using local people, languages and partners to address local issues.  

Our passion and commitment as Christians is to empower people to live with dignity and enjoy life in all its fullness.  

Douglas Malton, the founder of Feba Radio at the AGM in 2009

From training local partners to build their capacity, to developing networks in country for the the quick delivery of life-saving information at the point of disaster, as followers of Jesus, we are still using life-giving media through partners and communities for transformative change. 

Our vision for the future is to continue building this network of partners and support media that, like Jesus, speaks to the “whole” person; body, mind and soul. 

Help us continue to fulfil this mission by supporting our partners in prayer or by donating here.