We are working to enable local partners and communities to use media for transformation. Ranging from production training to providing kit and engineering expertise, our support aims to produce content that can inform, educate and inspire.  

Media and communications are a core part of helping communities and people in need. Take our work with radio for example. A single programme could deliver education messages to areas where schools are closed, or practical information like where to find food, water and shelter in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  

Without access to reliable information, communities can be unaware of the support they can access.

Family gathers to listen to radio, India

A family gathers as a group to listen in India

Media can also provide support across borders, broadcasting into remote areas to provide advice, reliable information and solidarity to those geographically or socially isolated.

Engaging in two-way communication means we can find out the local issues and specific needs of a community.  Marginalised voices can be heard, community-led changes can be made, stigma can be challenged and problems are addressed and solved.  

Enabling the use of media for transformation is what Feba is all about.  

I listened and learned various things. This is a valuable programme for our society.

Haryana listener, on radio for the empowerment of women in India

How does media change lives?

It depends on the situation. During an emergency, radio can be used to broadcast important, life-saving information about the situation. In communities that are overcome by poverty, media can provide practical advice and information so listeners are given the tools to affect a positive change in their own lives.  From broadcasts covering health and sanitation advice, farming techniques or addressing issues like gender based violence, media can also deliver a message of hope and encouragement to help people make it through the day.

Your station brings comfort to my life. You are now a part of my life.

Iraq FM listener, on radio for community reconciliation in conflict affected areas

Whether broadcasting on short wave, medium wave, FM, the internet or using social media, Feba ensures material is produced in the listeners’ heart language, wherever possible in-country, often in partnership with like-minded organisations.

Feba supports partners to deliver fresh, compelling and engaging content, addressing issues facing individuals, families and communities in AfricaAsia and the Middle East.

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