Jesus cared for the whole person - body, mind and soul  - so it’s no surprise that our projects and partners cover a wide range of issues that look to help bring people to “life in all its fullness”.  

Many of our projects across Africa, Asia and the Middle East have a focus on health.  When sickness and many deaths are caused by preventable illnesses such as cholera, diarrhoea or malaria, working to provide health messages can save lives.

Our passion is to use media in an informative, engaging and effective way to communities that may not otherwise have access to health information.   

CASE STUDY:  Nepal’s Afno FM and health messaging to rural areas

Landlocked between India and China, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Although basic healthcare is free in Nepal, many people are not aware of this, and live too far away from hospitals and surgeries to make use of them.

Feba’s partner in Nepal, ‘Human Development Community Services (HDCS)’, runs a community radio initiative, broadcasting daily programmes to inform communities about health, women’s issues, education and other matters relevant to the listeners. HDCS’s radio station Afno FM broadcasts from two areas in Nepal, one from Okhaldhunga in the east and the other from Dadeldhura in the west, both of which are linked to community hospitals. They enable local people to better understand healthy behaviours and practices, while improving take-up of health services. 

With better knowledge of health and sanitation, the local markets and bazaars have installed rubbish bins and public toilets, making them more hygienic.

Stephanie Mooney, Director of Partnerships

Despite the second earthquake in Nepal 2015 rendering the Okhaldhunga studio unsafe, ongoing broadcasts were made first from a tent in the middle of the street and now continue from a temporary shelter.  Dedicated team members are still serving in their mission to provide life-giving media in this region.    

Uplifting community testimonies show media’s transformative power 

We’ve had inspiring feedback from listeners as a result of Afno FM’s broadcasts; pregnant women accessing the local village health post for midwifery services, mothers learning about the value of breastfeeding their baby, hospital rehabilitation groups gaining support through broadcasts, prisoners accessing education messages and seeking comfort from the Gospel. 

All I have learnt is from Afno FM's programme. I always listen to the radio early in the morning which gives the good news message...In this prison, most of the prisoners listen to Afno FM. 

Listener, Okhaldhunga District Jail, at Afno FM’s free medical camp for prisoners. 

The AfnoFM team distributing fruit in hospital

Radio working through partnership

Committed to health promotion, including recently campaigning for increased governmental support for young adults living with disability, Afno FM takes the needs of its listeners seriously. In 2015 the station celebrated the upgrade from a 100w to 500w transmitter - meaning their broadcasts could reach a wider area - as well as celebrating the sixth anniversary of its broadcasts in Okhaldhunga. The station has a real community focus, so it was only natural that the team chose to mark their anniversary with a series of outreach events including visits to Okhaldhunga hospital and providing a free medical camp at the Okhaldhunga district jail, organised in partnership with the district health office and the community hospital.

Radio is not only about making programmes in the studio. It’s also important to visit listeners and make programmes to transform the community

Vijay Manandhar, Afno FM's Project Coordinator

Improving the health and wellbeing of communities is important to us.  
Through the use of life-giving media, join us in helping communities experience holistic - spiritual, physical and social - transformation.