Feba's ministry is all about the creative use of radio and other audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

Feba’s focus on radio and audio media as a tool for Christian mission is founded on a belief that the spoken word and use of audio technologies can be used to share God's unique love with people in some very difficult, hard-to-reach places. We have a particular interest in countries that are considered 'closed' to the gospel or people groups that are 'unreached'; situations where Christians face persecution for their faith, where they're a marginalised minority.

[Jesus said]

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

John 10:10, New International Version (NIV)

We believe that the message of Christ's love - central to the Christian gospel - is universally relevant, and that it is the greatest gift we can offer to those who have not heard it.

What is 'life-giving media'? 

Media (in the broadest sense) is a collection of powerful tools that can clearly be used in a variety of ways, for good or for ill. We promote the use of radio and other audio media in particular, to bring 'life in all its fullness'.

We work with local partners wherever possible, to produce programmes in people's heart language, with content that is culturally and contextually relevant and appropriate. We seek to support the work of the local church.

Engagement with listeners is central to our methodology. Building relationship and rapport with an audience is an essential part of our desire to establish trust. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and it is our hope that all broadcast material is of real value - covering a wide range of topics to serve a community.

Our motivation and longing is that in all we do we might faithfully signpost Jesus Christ, as we seek to inspire people to follow Him.

What does it mean to use media for 'lasting transformation'? 

Providing messages of hope and encouragement is a key element of Feba’s work. Broadcasts can include content on themes of: justice and advocacy work; combatting exploitation and people trafficking; public health; education. The long term effect of using radio and audio media is positive, lasting transformation in those communities.

Feba's yearning is that people might be inspired to follow Jesus Christ. It is that desire which drives all that we do. We believe that true 'lasting transformation' - with an eternal perspective - can only be found in relationship with Jesus Christ.