With the right technology and skills, radio can be immensely powerful. It can cross political and geographical boundaries, it can speak to people in their heart language, and it can connect with them in their homes. Radio is not only powerful, it is also personal. As a Christian charity, our motivation is to share God’s love with people in a relevant and accessible way through the effective use of radio and other media.

Technical assistance

Feba assists partners in the planning and delivery of their audio projects. With engineering expertise and specialist equipment procurement, we place an emphasis on solutions that are based on our partner’s needs, capabilities and context. Where possible we find equipment in-country and work with the local partner to set up their own studio, train them in production and leave them feeling confident using it. Our technical support includes problem solving alongside the partner. This assistance can include help with radio on a range of platforms (SW, MW, FM), internet, mobile phones, and distributable media such as SD cards.

Networks and partnership

We are committed to working in partnership. We want to be involved in lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships that support engagement with the communities we seek to empower. Our partnerships include working together directly on a specific project, as well as being part of networks sharing information, resources and best practice. We work alongside multiple partners to avoid duplication, co-ordinate complementary services and secure maximum benefit to communities in need.

Working with our partners in Kinshasa

Project accompaniment 

Feba accompanies partners at all stages of the project cycle, from helping with the generation of ideas for audio projects to discussing project plans, design and set up. We advise on monitoring project progress and evaluating the impact of an intervention. We build the capacity of local partners so they can find the most appropriate project solutions for the issues they encounter in their communities.  Our aims are towards supporting projects focused on community transformation, delivering measurable results and ongoing project sustainability. 

Financial support

Feba supports partners with funding at different stages through project development, including exploring and testing ideas, getting a project up and running and the ongoing running of an audio project. This can include operational costs, monitoring and evaluation, buying airtime and the purchasing of equipment. What we fund is context dependent so supplying radio handsets for distribution may also be part of our response to crisis affected communities. We encourage projects to develop in a sustainable way with the aim of becoming fully or partially self sufficient where possible. Feba can facilitate links to other funders and opportunities with a partner.

Feba is a Christian charity relying on donations from individuals, churches, legacies and grant-making trusts to continue our work. Our supporters, partners and listeners come from all faiths, and none.  

Help communities continue to use media for change by supporting our partners across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.