Central Asia

From internet radio to medium wave projects, our partners in Central Asia are using different platforms to reach different people groups.Read more


FEBRUARY 11th - FEBRUARY 17th: Using Feba's engineering expertise to supply and support our partners with equipment.Read more

Nepal - CoRIN Project

FEB 4th – FEB 10th: Two radio stations are broadcasting programmes that are improving health, sanitation and nutrition for listeners in Nepal.Read more

Pakistan - Community FM Project

FEB 1st – FEB 3rd: Life-transforming messages of hope are being broadcast to communities in Pakistan. Join us in prayer for this FM radio project.Read more


JAN 28th – JAN 31st: using an on site speaker system Karanda Mission Hospital Radio broadcasts radio programmes for health information and advice, with Christian teaching to patients and their families.Read more

Radio for Disaster Affected Communities

JAN 21st – JAN 27th: Delivering critical information to affected communities in the immediate aftermath, partner First Response Radio aims to respond within 72 hours of a disaster.Read more

*Iraq FM

JAN 14th – JAN 20th: a station with a heart for restoring fragmented relationships, Iraq FM is broadcasting peace into the communities it serves.Read more