FEBRUARY 26th – MARCH 4th: Reaching Tibetans Gaweylon broadcasts to diaspora Tibetans addressing their practical needs through radio.Read more


FEBRUARY 19th – FEBRUARY 25th: Conflict continues As the conflict in Yemen continues, many weary and traumatised people are contacting the Yemen Project asking searching questions and seeking help.Read more

Radio Ministry

FEBRUARY 12th – FEBRUARY 18th: This week sees the celebration of the UNESCO World Radio Day on Monday 13th. World Radio Day was started in 2011 to remember the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe. This week we are going to pray for people in different roles in our projects.Read more

Crisis Response

FEBRUARY 5th – FEBRUARY 11th: Radio helps save lives Feba works with partners in using radio in crisis response. This includes emergency situations such as floods or earthquakes, ongoing crises such as drought or disease, or the impact of conflict or other upheavals in society.Read more

Radio in Mozambique: Supporting the Community

JANUARY 29th - FEBRUARY 4th: Supporting the community Radio Wimbe is working for positive change in the community in Pemba. Now the city is in the rainy season, the station’s support of the community is particularly important.Read more

Feba Worldwide

JANUARY 22nd - JANUARY 28th: a collection of the latest prayer points from select Feba projects across the globe.Read more

Great Perseverance - Radio in Nepal

NOVEMBER 6th To NOVEMBER 12th: Afno FM broadcasts from two stations: Okhaldhunga in the east of the country and Dadeldhura in the west. Last year’s earthquake caused extensive damage in Okhaldhunga but the Afno FM team have shown great perseverance in serving their community, in spite of the circumstances.Read more