Empowering communities in India

JUNE 17th - JUNE 23rd: With a diverse range of programmes for women, rural communities and young people, Feba India is using radio for transformation.Read more

Broadcasts during Ramadan

JUNE 10th - JUNE 16th: Praying for our projects and partners who have been broadcasting during this time of fasting. "Ramadan Mubarak" to our Muslim listeners.Read more

North East Africa

JUNE 3rd - JUNE 9th: Addressing the physical, social and spiritual issues of listeners in remote communities with shortwave radio.Read more

Voice of Egypt

MAY 27th - JUNE 2nd: Voice of Egypt is promoting community cohesion and understanding using online radio.Read more

Central Asia

MAY 20th - MAY 26th: Using medium-wave for some areas of Central Asia and internet radio for others, our partners recognise the importance of using the appropriate platform to reach different listener groups.Read more

The Yemen Project

MAY 13th - MAY 19th: Devastated by civil war, the Arab world's poorest country, Yemen continues to be in a state of crisis. Radio programmes are being broadcast into the country, seeking to bring hope and comfort to listeners.Read more

Bangladesh - RMB Project

MAY 6th - MAY 12th: Shortwave radio broadcasts are addressing practical, social and spiritual needs in rural Bangladesh.Read more