NE Africa

APRIL 22nd - APRIL 30th: Radio is addressing physical, social and spiritual issues with audiences across North East Africa.Read more

Radio in Disaster Response

APRIL 15th - APRIL 21st: Disasters can affect all dimensions of health - physical, psychological and social - emergency radio can respond with a positive impact.Read more

DRC - Voice of a Child

APRIL 8th - APRIL 14th: Attitudes surrounding street-living children and child witchcraft accusations are changing thanks to the Voice of a Child radio project in DRC.Read more

Iraq FM

APRIL 1st - APRIL 7th: Community radio is working to restore fragmented relationships and provide hope in Iraq.Read more

Tibet - Gaweylon

MARCH 25th - MARCH 31st: Radio is contributing to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of Tibetan communities. Find out more in prayer this week.Read more

Mozambique - Radio Wimbe

MARCH 18th - MARCH 24th: Listeners in Pemba, Mozambique are tuning into Radio Wimbe for programmes centred around community issues.Read more

Sierra Leone - Amplifying Voices

MARCH 11th - MARCH 17th: Lives in Freetown are being transformed as local communities speak out for themselves using radio.Read more