Enormous developments in communications technology, the rise of digital, and the societal shifts that are happening as a result may seem a world away from Feba's past endeavours with SW radio. However, like short wave, the internet provides great opportunities for conversations about faith.

As more of the world goes online, so do our religious beliefs; the web is awash with faith websites, news, Christian businesses, Youtube channels, discussion groups, social media, Biblical resources, podcasts and internet radio stations. Not only can a listener stream radio programmes online whenever they want but they can also discuss on social media what they have heard, share content, comment upon posts, "like" and actively engage.

This is how *Voice of Egypt operates, with the programmes acting as a bridge for listeners to move from talking about things in everyday life to talking, thinking and sharing about God.

I am so happy that [*Voice of Egypt] encourages me and gives me a push forward.

The programmes are produced for urban young adults and many of the producers are of a similar age, facing similar life issues. It is the interaction with the *Voice of Egypt team, not just their words but their own approach to life’s challenges, that speaks to the listeners. As they share Jesus’ teachings and how they apply them in their lives, listeners can seek an authentic relationship with God.

Encouraging comments from listeners:

  • “The main reason of the relationship between me and God is love. I love him and he loves me.”

  • “Feelings should not influence our relationship with God. When a problem happens I feel that God has the solution.”

  • “I am so happy that [*Voice of Egypt] encourages me and gives me a push forward."

The project has been running for over ten years and the team have built relationships with listeners as they have discussed issues such as family life, politics and religion.

The online station has promoted community cohesion and is a trusted place to share differing political and religious views. By recently introducing two new programmes, the team are now seeking to go deeper into faith issues with the listeners, bringing them closer to the person of Jesus.

Each week we post prayers for our projects and partners across the world. Join us in prayer for projects like Voice of Egypt

*Station name changed for security purposes.