Feba works with local partners in using media to bring transformation to communities, but it takes more than entertainment and factual content for a radio programme to bring about lasting change…

Farida, Radio Wimbe“I believe the big thing that Radio Wimbe contributes is the transmission of love. It is more important than the programmes they make. . . These programmes are good but they have an effect because . . . the presenters show love to the community,” says Farida, Radio Wimbe’s Station Manager.

All the teams working on the projects that Feba partners with have a great love for the communities they are trying to reach. Most of them regularly go out and visit people face-to-face to really get to know their audience and gain a better understanding of the things they like and celebrate, and the issues they face. This mutual understanding helps open up the way to explore what lasting transformations are taking place in the lives of individuals and the community.

Listeners feel valued and they feel they have a family

Language also plays an important part in this. For example, the community of Pemba in Mozambique which Radio Wimbe serves speaks a range of languages including Portuguese, Makonde, Mwani and Makua, and so our partners produce and broadcast programmes in a number of languages.

“Radio is very important for our community. . . Listeners feel valued and they feel they have a family. The local languages contribute to this because people feel they are not forgotten; that someone in society values them and wants to hear their ideas. Not everyone speaks Portuguese. It is so important that Radio Wimbe is in local languages,” explains Farida.

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Working for change

Farida continues, saying: “I believe that all human beings have problems. We like to have someone to listen to our problems. And those who listen to our problems, and show love, can help us overcome our problems. Radio Wimbe is helping the community in this way…”

As the Radio Wimbe team identifies with its audience in language, love and listening, their radio programmes work to bring lasting transformation to the community in different ways – practical, social and spiritual.

Radio Wimbe team, Mozambique

Programmes include Bible teaching, information and advice on health, farming, community issues, and marriage and family life. Some of these challenge the community’s established thinking and behaviour, helping to change people’s attitudes to, for example, going to hospital, drinking alcohol to excess, and the role of women.

Farida trains team in Wimbes radio studioA presenter of the Mwani language programmes spoke about a change in attitudes towards women when she told Feba: “A man came and said because of Radio Wimbe he found out a woman is someone he should raise with two hands and not treat badly. He didn’t know that before.”

Radio Wimbe is also challenging views about women in another way, as last year it appointed a female station manager. Farida faces some difficult situations as a woman in leadership within a patriarchal society, but is happy that things are changing.

“In the last few years the government has been investing in women; for a long time we didn’t have women in leadership in this country but now we have more women in positions of power. This is good because women work. I am not saying men don’t work but my fear is that people think women are not capable. What makes me happy is that the government is giving space to women and women are showing that they are capable.”