Insecurities and challenges often lead to searching questions about life issues. In the case of Yemen, the current conflict is driving people to seek alternatives. In the midst of this new openness, radio can be a catalyst for spiritual and social change.

The Yemen Project produces a weekly, live radio programme, *Today’s Topics, which encourages social change through discussion on life issues from a biblical perspective.

As well as addressing practical issues like hygiene and trauma awareness, the programmes are addressing social habits with the aim of transforming family and community life.

A team member explains: “We bring society problems like . . . forcing young girls to marry . . . to care for the children . . . the problems between the husband and the wife . . .

After a programme addressed the issue of honesty, particularly in relationships, a man called and said: “I was a liar person, I cheated my wife. . . . I heard this programme and how God is holy and needs us to be clean, and over the last couple of months I have changed my life and now I begin to have my real family again.

I chose Jesus in my life because I found the truth in him. I was criticised and subject to persecution by people because of this.

Judging others was the subject of another programme and included a believer from a majority faith background speaking about how he was judged for converting: “I chose Jesus in my life because I found the truth in him. I was criticised and subject to persecution by people because of this.”

Feba has supported short wave broadcasts to Yemen for over 30 years, we collaborate with a number of other agencies that are working to meet people’s practical as well as spiritual needs.  

Programmes such as Reality Church specifically aim to offer solidarity to marginalised Christians and offer believers fellowship and space to worship alongside the broadcasts.  

We read the Bible, we worship, we pray for each other and this helps local people who have no church, to join us and be part of this church.

Reality Church producer

Through the variety and vibrancy of the radio programmes produced by the Yemen Project, life-changing messages are helping bring a new way of thinking and living.  

Feba provides more than £100,000 each year to this ministry and these broadcasts to Yemen are possible because of your generous support both in prayer and through gifts.   Please donate now.  


*programme name changed for security reasons.