Our partners in the Horn of Africa have a vision to see transformed individuals, families and communities throughout the region, through Gospel-rich messages.

This might seem to be a tall order in a part of the world where there is still much conflict, where freedoms of expression and faith are controlled by governments, religious leaders and cultural practises.  But with a bold, creative and diverse work, our partners are bringing a message of hope over the airwaves.

You are a blessing for our country...now I am a believer, because of your programme.

Freedom Radio broadcasts on shortwave for 30 minutes daily. The station’s wide range of topics includes a series on the names of God, starting from the 99 names of God in the Koran and explaining each name from a biblical standpoint.

Three years ago the team took the calculated risk of giving out a contact phone number; this meant anyone could now contact the station. The risk paid off. Muslim listeners now often call to ask the team for prayer.

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Freedom Radio receives around 140 phone calls and emails every month and 9,300 hits on the website. For years, listeners insulted the team and called them infidels. In 2015, 28 people came to faith in Jesus through Freedom Radio – little short of a miracle.

One listener comments: “You are a blessing for our country...now I am a believer, because of your programme.”

Join us in prayer for the safety of the station staff, producers and listeners in a region where Christians can encounter significant persecution.