Living in a crisis-affected area or part of the world where Christians are marginalised, to be informed and to be heard can make all the difference.  

When you’re in a war zone, or have been displaced, you don’t always have access to the practical information you need. And information - like health advice, or how to access food or clean water - can be life-saving. Broadcasting hope to persecuted communities, providing critical information, transmitting God’s love to other followers of Jesus can provide practical help and spiritual support to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Many people will be left without electricity, but radio can still reach them. Sometimes it’s their only hope of hearing another voice, of getting the information – and the encouragement – they need.

Noor Fadel, Middle Eastern Project Coordinator (name changed for security purposes)

CASE STUDY: Yemeni Arabic programmes for secret believers

Many people are displaced and suffering in Yemen.

Programmes such as ‘Reality Church’, are produced predominantly in Yemeni Arabic, offering hidden believers valuable support and encouragement in their heart language wherever they are in the country

The conflict has caused many barriers to continuing with everyday life.  Issues like fuel shortages create multiple problems; hospitals can't power their back up generators to tend to the injured, people can't flee, food shortages are rife and supplies can't get to people. Feba's partners are still working hard to serve marginalised Yemeni believers in the face of persecution and conflict, despite the damage to the communications infrastructure. 

Radio is hugely important as it communicates to people safely and they can listen anonymously

I was asked ‘What is Jesus’ message for Yemen?’ I told him ‘Peace, love, accepting each other, not killing’. He loves it and he is interested.

Why radio for Yemen?

Radio is hugely important as it communicates to people safely and they can listen anonymously. Through our partners in the area, we broadcast each day for over an hour - reaching out to isolated and vulnerable believers which is particularly important in a time of conflict.

They feel isolated and fearful. It can be a very lonely faith journey and a lonely existence. So often, we’ve heard from listeners who believed they were the only Christian in the country – it’s an enormous encouragement for them when they tune in and realise they’re not, in fact, alone.

Each year Feba spends over £100,000 in Yemen so that marginalised Yemeni believers can demonstrate the love of God for their fellow countrymen, and helping them tackle everyday Yemeni issues such as children’s health, women’s rights and ongoing conflict from a Christian perspective.  

The cost of serving the Yemeni people is so high because security issues mean extra care has to be taken to protect the producers and their families as they go about their important work. The programmes also have to be broadcast into Yemen from outside the country, which requires more expensive short wave radio technology.

Help make sure words of loving deeds and enduring hope continue to be broadcast in Yemen. Together, we can ensure that hidden communities are supported, encouraged and enabled to get on with their lives.