The Church is uniquely placed to bring transformation to communities. Motivated by their faith, Christian groups serve their neighbours, often gaining the respect of their communities, even when those communities are not predominantly Christian.

Partnering with churches and religious leaders can be key to the successful delivery of projects working with local communities; this can help build trust and legitimacy and benefit from the established networks of the clergy.

Feba seeks to equip churches to bring life to their communities through practical action, sharing the good news and enabling broadcasts that provide life-giving media specific to local needs; from bridging religious or political divides to delivering essential health messaging and programmes promoting gender equality. 

CASE STUDY: Deeply rooted in Mozambique – Radio Wimbe

Radio Wimbe, in Pemba, Mozambique, is working to address local issues, offering guidance and welcoming contributions from the community. Issues include:

  • Influencing the local government to improve flood defences. (The area is prone to severe flooding)
  • Crime and domestic violence
  • The empowerment of women
  • The prevention of cholera and malaria

Radio Wimbe speaks to us and clarifies well the issues that we meet. It helps us to strengthen our homes, our culture, and teaches us to do business for the wellbeing of society. Radio Wimbe brings healing

Omar, Caetana and Joaquim

Radio Wimbe's mast in Pemba, Mozambique 

Bridging religious and political divides using radio

Many of our partners are working in parts of the world currently experiencing conflict or volatile political situations. With community centred media, we can reach out to audiences experiencing crisis and help to bridge religious and political divides. Our Christian values, such as forgiveness and the equality of all humans, are perceived, noted and discussed by others – and are fundamental in transforming a community.

CASE STUDY: Rebuilding communities in Iraq

Decades of war, repression and conflict have eroded community spirit and trust among neighbours in Iraq. Iraq FM, our local partner, uses music and interactions with listeners to entertain and inform.  This encourages members of fragmented communities to speak to each other, reducing discrimination and building peace. Iraq FM allows a wide cross-section of community members to have a say, regardless of sectarian affiliation.

Help equip churches to bring life to their communities using media.  With your support, radio can reach people across religious and political divides, encouraging practical action and community transformation.