This week Sierra Leone discharged its last two known Ebola patients, meaning the clock has started on the 42 day countdown which could lead to the country being declared officially free of the virus.  

With a death toll of over 11,000 across the worst hit areas of West Africa - Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea - we’re praying for no new infections to arise.  The World Health Organisation must record a period of 42 days free from new cases for an area to be classed as Ebola-free. 

With thanks to your support, we’re privileged to have been able to get 1,000 Polaris solar powered and wind up radios into Sierra Leone at the peak of the outbreak, but the need for help is not over.  Media is still an essential tool to supporting communities recovering from the virus; addressing the stigma that survivors face, continuing valuable health messages, providing emotional and practical support to orphans of victims of Ebola.  Media is now even being used to create change to the mainstream narrative of fear and despair, replacing it with a more positive one showing Sierra Leoneans filled with resilience and hope.

Many challenges remain, but already innovative programming has addressed key issues such as burial rites, sanitation and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of ebola.  Radio lovers at Feba have enjoyed some great dramas, information messages and just plain catchy songs created in response to Ebola.  

Published: 29th September 2015