Community focused programming provides listeners with new ways of thinking about local issues. The programmes often involve contributions from different people in the community which help bring understanding and increase tolerance of different viewpoints.

*Iraq FM produces community focused programmes, helping fragmented neighbourhoods in the locality and beyond to communicate with each other and work for peace and reconciliation. The programmes reflect God’s Kingdom values and have hope-filled messages of joy and peace, as well as a positive approach to life in Iraq. This has set the station apart as being very different from others, and listeners identify strongly with them as their friend and their voice, something this listener has benefited from:

“I am 45 years old. I am single. I feel I have lost my life because I was not able to find a suitable partner to continue my life with her. My mother died and my father died [a] long time ago. I am alone and I feel lonely. After listening to your programmes, I feel I have a daily friend near me.”

Help through social programmes

As well as news and entertainment, programmes also include children’s programmes; local issues such as refugees and displaced people; dealing with issues that can lead to violence; and programmes about family and relationships.

A listener who has been helped by these practical, social programmes, shares his story:

“I have been listening to your station for one year while I was separated from my wife. . . I was feeling lonely and despair because my children were also with their mother. After listening to your station in the morning and especially the programme that speaks about family and relationships, I started to ask myself questions. I then visited your station, spoke to the manager and prayed together for my family reunion . . . The manager of *Iraq FM was praying for me and he told me that God would do something new in my life.

I discovered that the God of Christians can make miracles.

“A month ago I had a new opening for a new job with a better income. . . I also called my wife and asked her to come back home especially that we now have our own apartment. I am glad because I discovered that the God of Christians can make miracles. I also thank the *Iraq FM team and I promise you that I will always listen to your programmes.”

Bringing understanding

Other programmes included in the schedule are those that present the Christian faith and teaching. These help to bring better understanding among people of different faiths and awaken an interest in finding out more, as this listener has found out:

Through *Iraq FM I discovered that Christians love God…

“I have been listening to your station for seven months. It is my opportunity to get to know the Christians and their beliefs. I had a wrong perspective and ideas about Christians and about the Bible. Through*Iraq FM I discovered that Christians love God, they are truthful and respect others. . . I am reading the Bible and when I do that, I feel powerful and safe.”

Another listener says:

“I love the social programme you are talking about in your station, and how you link daily life with religion. I find this special and strange at the same time. I want to know the Christian faith more.”

I want to know the Christian faith more…

In closing, this listener has been especially helped by the *Iraq FM team:

“I am Christian from a very poor family. By chance, I listened to your station and I love the Christian programmes and the community programmes. I asked your station to help us because my family is very poor and you visited us at home.”