Initially discovered in China, our partner FEBC Hong Kong have been responding to COVID-19 with tailored support bringing knowledge, hope, and ultimately the good news of Jesus. 

On December 31, 2019 soon after news broke of an unknown virus causing pneumonia-type symptoms in Wuhan, the team at FEBC Hong Kong responded quickly by broadcasting a special live programme series to listeners in mainland China. The 90-minute programmes had a record listenership on FEBC’s Tongxing channel. The broadcasts contained essential information on how to stay safe and the assurance that in times of crisis Jesus is especially with us. Listeners called in from Wuhan and other parts of China and described how serious and frightening the situation had become very quickly. The team prayed for listeners on air and shared words of comfort, healing and peace from the Bible.    

FEBC Hong Kong continues to produce regular live broadcasts and additional programmes to help inform, entertain and provide a lifeline of hope in these dark times. From the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Raymond Lo, CEO of FEBC Hong Kong and his colleagues have made it their goal to use every means possible “to stay close to listeners” and strengthen believers in their faith, especially during long periods of enforced isolation.

Home isolation leads to record numbers joining Bible school online

The team is also using Liangyou Theological Seminary – the online biblical training ministry of FEBC China Ministries – to enable listeners to share how their lives have been affected by the coronavirus and to pray with them live via the internet. As this crisis has unfolded, Raymond and his team have been hugely encouraged to see many people either turning back to God or seeking him for the first time in their lives. Many are using their time in isolation to delve deeper into the messages of FEBC’s broadcasts and have felt inspired to follow Jesus Christ.

We care about listeners across the country ceaselessly and send programmes and intercessions in various mobile app groups daily. Liangyou Radio is producing live prayer meetings to connect with listeners’ phones so we can pray together.

Evolving Church

Like here in the UK, churches in mainland China and Hong Kong have suspended gatherings. The FEBC team is helping Christians stay close to God and His Word by listening to services broadcast on their Worship on the Air programme. Listeners can also tune into preaching and in-depth biblical teaching from Liangyou Theological Seminary. Praise God, that since the crisis began, more than 700 new students have enrolled with the Seminary, highlighting that even in times of desperate need, many are turning to Him and growing in faith.

Though followers of Jesus can’t meet in person, our partners have been facilitating conversation though mobile apps such as WeChat. Jenny Yuen, Officer-in-Charge at FEBC’s Training Centre in Hong Kong said recently, “We care about listeners across the country ceaselessly and send programmes and intercessions in various mobile app groups daily. Liangyou Radio is producing live prayer meetings to connect with mainland listeners’ phones so they can pray for them”.

Seeds of hope

At the time of writing, Wuhan, the epicentre of COVID-19, is easing its lockdown just as here in the UK and Europe we are preparing for the peak of the infection. Our brothers and sisters in China show us that we can get through this, and though a return to normality is some way off for every human being, there is hope. The source of this hope is found in Jesus.

Please pray:

  • That during this time of isolation and response to COVID-19 those in UK and Europe rediscover His Good News and that they will be inspired to follow Jesus Christ. 
  • For God’s protection over the team at FEBC Hong Kong. Ask the Lord to give them heavenly wisdom and strength to continue to deliver content that will bring encouragement and the hope of salvation to those affected by COVID-19.
  • For God’s blessing and protection over all Feba UK’s partners and personnel as they adapt rapidly to changing circumstances and huge spiritual and economic challenges.
  • For medical staff treating patients and the medical research teams working around the clock to produce a vaccine and find effective ways to contain the coronavirus both now and in the future.

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