“The topics you are discussing are very important for our community. I don’t know of any other station that is putting effort into helping...your efforts are to help the community and this is very clear in your programmes.”

Listeners are responding positively to the broadcasts of Iraq FM.

Through its community-focussed programming, Iraq FM reaches across religious and political divides to help address issues affecting everyone living in the urban area where the broadcasts are heard. People tuning in really appreciate the care presenters show for society and value the station tackling important issues raised by listeners.

Your station is so unique among all the FM stations in our community.

Community station discussing community issues

Drug use has affected young people during the years of conflict. Iraq FM's youth programmes have taken on this subject recently, with an anti-drug police officer giving practical advice around avoiding drugs and providing suggestions on how to make positive change in the community.

After listening, *Majdi called the station: “Your station is so unique among all the FM stations in our community. It is the voice of youth and you are very close to our hearts. I liked your programmes about drugs because I have a family member who was involved in this...”

Not only does Iraq FM share valuable information to help improve the day-to-day lives of its listeners, it also enables people from different backgrounds and affiliations to speak to each other, particularly through live, phone-in programmes. In this way, expertise is shared by community members, conversations are had and different viewpoints are heard.

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Listeners in the "hot seat"

The station asked listeners for ideas about what to include in the programmes and, at their suggestion, a section in an entertainment programme has been added, called the Hot Seat. One of the listeners is put on the “seat” and other listeners from the community phone in to ask general or even personal questions, sharing and learning from the experiences of that person. The listeners love this opportunity to communicate with one another through the station.

Your station brought me closer to God...

Through programming based on Christian values, Iraq FM brings messages of hope, joy and peace to the community.  Listeners’ lives are being transformed as they respond to what they hear.

Listener *Hadeeqa says: “Your station brought me closer to God since 2010 when I started listening to you every day. I have become a good citizen because of your programmes. I used to be an angry and negative citizen and didn’t care about others. But now I am a different person.”

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*names changed for security purposes