An active part of the community it serves, IraqFM is a much valued asset to its listeners:

Your station has brought our community together to love one another...You are not a radio station.  You are a family.

Aziz*, IraqFM listener, (*name changed for security purposes)

Aziz* is a long-standing listener to IraqFM.  Speaking of the impact this extraordinary radio station makes to the community it serves, Aziz reflects on the community reconciliation and peacebuilding aims of the broadcasts adding: "Your presenters speak graciously and bring peace into discussions, even when people get angry".  

Tug of war for peace, Iraqi graffiti  

A valued support to the community and embedded within it, the IraqFM team provide a trusted source of information sensitive to the needs of its listeners.  

The station is successfully building relationships with their neighbours, not only through their broadcasts but with follow up calls, community outreach, texts and emails.

With approximately 100 calls a day to the show, with regular visitors, interviewees and callers, the programmes create a space for engagement where contemporary issues can be discussed.    

Live phone in programmes focus on community-led subjects, with listeners being able to call in to suggest topics for discussion.  Listeners are keen to air their concerns and work together to address community issues.  Recent conversations have centred on women's rights, family relationships, dealing with violence and even coping with anger.  Other programmes explore cultures and faiths beyond that of the local community or even give listeners access to expert interviewees and community leaders.  Popular Iraqi artists and musicians have appeared on the show for call ins, providing much valued opportunities to start conversations with, and speak directly to, figures in the public eye.      

Broadcasting hope and peace in a challenging environment

Iraq is a country with a volatile security situation, marked by ongoing instability, armed conflict and sectarian violence.  The upsurge in violence in the region has seen many Iraqis fleeing their homes in pursuit of safety, with over 3 million internally displaced people looking for safety and refuge away from violence and extremist groups.  

When considering this context, the work of the IraqFM team seems even more remarkable as they operate in a country widely regarded as one of the most dangerous places to live and work today.

The area I'm living in now is a very dangerous area...but through our programmes we give a message of hope and change

Samir* (name changed for security purposes) IraqFM station manager.

Resisting the pressure to move his family to a safer area, staff member Samir has made a commitment to stand firm and is convinced that this is where God has called him to be.  Motivated on a daily basis by the way the community engages with the station, Samir and his team feel encouraged by the impact IraqFM is having on the lives of its listeners.  The dedicated team believe passionately that Iraq has to be rebuilt on peace, trust and reconciliation.

I found love in your station...I want to become a friend to your station

Sarina* (name changed for security purposes) caller to Iraq FM, touched by the broadcasts to make contact

With your support, the station can grow and become a refuge for more listeners looking for a place where they can express their views without fear for reprisals.  

The team at IraqFM are keen to build a better future for their troubled country using community radio for transformative change.  This frontline radio ministry continues to help people living in fractured communities across Iraq, and your support can help them continue their important work in very challenging circumstances.  

Please pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters at IraqFM and their continuing work serving listeners in the region.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it...

John 1:5, NIV

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