Church in Community

Feba seeks to equip churches to bring life to their local communities through community centred radio, practical action and sharing the Good News. Read more

Persecuted Church

Using radio to reach marginalised communities – Feba’s partners transmit hope and crucial information to persecuted Christians. Read more

Health and Wellbeing

Feba has a holistic approach towards individual and community transformation. We care about the whole person; body, mind and soul. Read more

Peace and Reconciliation

Promoting peace and trust among communities fragmented by conflict is a key aim for Feba. Media can encourage local people to work together for the benefit of the whole community. Read more

Displaced People

Almost 1% of the global population of 7 billion people are considered to be internally displaced or refugees. We believe media can speak into this international crisis; a two way connection with communities in need. Read more