After a couple of years of disruption and adaptation due to COVID, it's great to be back together again - in person - for Keswick Convention 2022. We're delighted that Feba will be exhibiting in Base Camp for both Week Two and Three. This year's Convention theme of 'Grateful' seems so very apt!

Whilst things have undoubtedly changed over the years and we live in unsettled times, mission is still very much at the heart of the Keswick Convention - just as it has been consistently since the very beginning, way back in 1875.

The various restrictions that have been in place at different times since the beginning of 2020 have clearly impacted on all of us, and the Convention is no exception. The entirely virtual event ('Virtually Keswick Convention') in 2020 was a great success and widely appreciated, and the hybrid model for 2021 was an exciting development - allowing a limited number of conventioners to meet in person as well as having the extended reach of an online presence with all core material being shared via the Keswick Ministries' YouTube channel.

There is, of course, no substitute for meeting together in person - those special opportunities to connect properly in a fully-engaged conversation, and we very much look forward to being able to meet and speak with you this year.

Feba is a Christian mission agency focused on the creative use of radio and other audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ. We work with partners across Africa, Asia and the Middle east, with a particular heart for 'hard to reach' people groups - including places where Christians face persecution for their faith.

Did you know that of the world's population of around 7 billion people, approximately half have no access to the internet? There are something like 7,000 spoken languages around the globe, and there are about 1 billion people who cannot read.  Religious and political ideological differences can lead to restrictions being imposed in certain places, reducing even further the access that some people have to the uniquely good news of the Christian gospel. We believe that the case for using radio and audio resources is clear and compelling!

Feba's founders were prompted to use radio to broadcast across Asia initially, before expanding to countries further afield. The network grew over the years, and today we are part of the FEBC International association - and we work with other partners too, together producing programmes for more than 50 countries, distributed through radio and other audio devices, and engaging with listeners using a wide range of tools including social media.

This year, we're inviting you to join with us in support of Feba's ministry - becoming a 'messenger of hope'. Our partners are sharing the unique hope of the gospel with listeners in their own heart language, in some very difficult places. By praying for them and perhaps making a financial contribution, your involvement could make a tremendous difference. On our stand in Base Camp, there is also opportunity for you to send a short note of encouragement to our partners (perhaps a short prayer, favourite Bible verse, or other short message). You can find out more about our messengers of hope campaign by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more about Feba's ministry, you might like to have a look at some of the blog posts on our website which feature various projects. We also have an area for our wider-ranging, more general news items too. We include some of that content plus other stories in our quarterly magazine 'voice'. In all that we do, we are acutely aware that prayer is a vitally important, essential ingredient; if you would like to support Feba in prayer, then you can find our prayer materials online - centred around a diary format, with weekly themes and daily content.

If would like to receive any of Feba's resources on a regular basis, please click here to complete a simple form to request them and we'll be in touch!

Some of our supporters coordinate small groups of people who meet to pray together, or act as 'mission representatives' for their local church. If it would be helpful to receive multiple copies of our magazine or prayer materials to distribute to others then please let us know and we'd gladly send a bundle in the post for you. Our Volunteer Speaker programme is an exciting new way in which keen supporters can help by representing Feba at speaking engagements in their local area. An introduction to the programme can be found here. Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss this in more detail.

If you would like to support Feba's life-giving media ministry financially, please head to our online giving page where you'll find options for one-off or regular giving, including a simple Gift Aid form too. We are very grateful for our faithful, generous supporters - without whom our work would simply not be possible. Thank you!

We really hope that you have a wonderful time at the Convention - enjoying being in this beautiful town, utilising the newly renovated Pencil Factory site, and sharing those special worship, teaching and fellowship opportunities that we all hold so dear. Please do be sure to visit Feba's stand in Base Camp during Week Two or Three - we look forward to meeting you!

If you have any comments or questions about Feba's work, then please don't hesitate to get on touch by using the contact form available by clicking here.

Photo credits: Feba (exhibition stand); Keswick Ministries (convention).