Feba is building a growing network of speakers who share the impact of Feba's ministry with churches and groups across the UK. Could this be for you?

If you share our passion for using radio and audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ - with a focus on the hardest to reach across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, then we would love to hear from you! Good communication skills are vital for this role: you will be engaging with many different groups, and sharing with them some remarkable stories of radio listeners whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ.

I want every person to have the opportunity to respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. In many parts of the world where Feba partners work, radio and media is one of the only ways they can hear how Jesus transforms lives. Sharing this ministry with my local churches is a small part I can play in this mission.
A Feba Volunteer Speaker

Some frequently asked questions

What speaking experience do I need?

Your experience can be from anywhere! If you are a confident, inspiring speaker, we’d love you to join our team.

Do I need any qualifications to speak about Feba?

No. Of course it would be great if you have, but it is not essential. However, you must be used to speaking from the Bible in a Christian setting. We will ensure you feel fully confident and will work with you until you feel ready. For each event we’ll give you Bible passages and example talks to help you share the impact of Feba’s radio ministry.

What does the application process involve?

First, you just need to complete a volunteer application form and ask your church leader for a reference. We’ll have an initial conversation and work out our next steps from there. If there’s a right fit, we would be keen to begin your training as soon as possible.

What does training involve?

Training will be delivered online with others as a group training session; the initial session will take a few hours and will be scheduled to fit around your availability. Our training will aim to give you the knowledge, resources and skills to develop into an excellent volunteer speaker. At the training you'll get to know the other volunteer speakers, and in time we'll all be a support for each other. After the training session we'll review and plan further sessions, if needed.

Are you still doing speaking engagements while churches are meeting online?

Yes. When social distancing measures are lifted we aim to visit churches in person, however speaking via zoom and other streaming services will continue as well.

What sort of ongoing support will I get?

Depending on your speaking experience, you'll be confirmed as a Feba volunteer speaker when you've completed your first speaking engagement or after you've shared a talk with your trainer. We will provide you with all the materials you will need so that you have new resources for your talks on an ongoing basis. We also offer ongoing training opportunities throughout the year. Your Feba contact will always be available before and after your speaking engagement, and we're always here to help whenever you need anything.

How many speaking engagements will I be expected to do?

We split the year into three terms which last three months, starting in September, January and May. Ideally, we would like you to be available to speak once a month during the three terms.

Will I be asking people to give?

We want you to make three requests of your audience: first and foremost we ask people to pray for those hearing Feba supported broadcasts and for our partners on the ground sharing the good news. A key element of these speaking opportunities is to give those listening the option to keep on hearing from Feba. You would be asking individuals to sign up to receive Feba information via email or post. And lastly that they consider becoming a regular giver to the radio ministry. We will make sure that we check with the group or church beforehand so that your request is tailored to the audience.

How far will I be asked to travel?

This may vary according to what time of day or evening it is. We don’t anticipate asking you to travel for more than an hour from your home to a speaking engagement. If you plan to travel by public transport, we are happy to take this into account, but this may limit some of the speaking engagements we can offer to you.

What about expenses?

We’re happy to pay for your transport costs to and from a speaking engagement.

What if I can only do mornings, evenings or weekdays?

We will work with your availability. Many of our speaking engagements are for Sunday church services, so we ask you to be available for at least four Sundays a year.

Who arranges the speaking engagements?

Feba will make the speaking arrangements for you. However, if you know of churches and groups in your locality that would be interested in having a speaker, we will gladly support you in making arrangements.

Feba exists to enable the creative use of radio and other audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ. All Volunteer Speakers are required to accept our core beliefs, as set out in Feba's Statement of Faith.

Interested? Apply now to speak out about Feba!

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