Christian brothers and sisters around the world face persecution and discrimination for their faith.  From physical assaults, stigma, violence and even death some believers are not free to openly practice their religion.  Radio can help.

Your programme is teaching, life changing and a blessing.” says *Rebekkah, a listener in North East Africa

On Sundays across November 2017 Christians unite in prayer for the persecuted church worldwide.  With this in mind, we looked to listeners in an area of the world, North East Africa, where openly being a Christian is sometimes difficult and even dangerous.  Despite the challenges, radio is reaching believers and providing comfort in their lives. 

*Rebekkah listens to our partner’s programmes on faith issues and biblical teaching, broadcast in her heart language on short wave, and is in regular contact with the producers by phone and text message. Our partner told us about one of the conversations:

“One day she [*Rebekkah] called the producer and said, ‘Do you know why I like your programme?’ The producer answered, ‘No, I do not know. Maybe, I expect it could be a good and relevant programme.’ Then she said, ‘Of course it is! Your programme is teaching, life changing and blessing. Beyond that, I am disabled. I cannot go to church. The only comfort for my spiritual life is your radio programme.’”

Our programme is refreshing her hope.

The producer arranged to visit *Rebekkah and interviewed her. Our partner tells us: “She has no brothers and sisters, and she does not know her parents. Both her arms and feet are paralyzed from childhood. *Rebekkah says she is happy and full of hope because she knows Jesus and what he has done for her. Our programme is refreshing her hope.”

Radio encouraging forgiveness

Another short wave language service produced by our partner includes a Christian teaching programme which is broadcast on Saturdays. One of the programmes discussed the issue of forgiving others. Having heard the programme a listener contacted our partner, saying:

“I had conflict with my neighbour over a land dispute. My whole family and I were angry at him and were not willing to forgive him . . . One day as you were teaching from 2 Corinthians 2:5-11, my whole family heard the message that unforgiving damages our peace. We realised that it was not only hurting that man but we were hurting our family and ourselves. Then God helps us to forgive that man and reconcile with him after we heard your message. I always listen to your programme.”

Now instead, you ought to forgive and comfort him, so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow. I urge you, therefore, to reaffirm your love for him.

2 Corinthians 2:7-8

The theme of reconciliation and forgiveness in other programmes also brought positive change, as this listener told our partner:

“Two men in our community began to fight each other. I and my friend tried to call a meeting to try to reconcile them. One evening when these men came to my house, I tuned in my radio to your programme so we could listen to it. The speaker talked about how two people start to fight each other. It was an amazing story. One of them said, ‘I think you told them about us so that is why they told this story!’ I was surprised by God leading the producers . . . to prepare that message. That evening these two men were reconciled to each other. God gave them peace. After that day they started to listen every evening.”

*name changed for security reasons

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