“Shiuli* has been given the gift of evangelism and has brought four new people to the fellowship.”

Read how people in very difficult and hard-to-reach places are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and experiencing God’s goodness. Your support has an amazing impact! 

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Hearts are turning to God in India

Learning their godly identity, Indian women are now telling others the good news. Our partners work with a project in the northern states of India, collaborating with like-minded NGOs to make and broadcast over 500 15-minute shows every year. Aimed at women, via seven local radio stations, they engage with young female listeners and encourage them to accept their God-given value and rights. Our partners inform, entertain, engage and educate through their programmes and work to build on partnerships with a network of local NGOs and churches. 

Shiuli struggled with many challenges and hardships, but one day she heard a radio programme which changed her life. She is now a regular listener who finds great comfort in the gospel.  

Shiuli has been given the gift of evangelism and has brought four new people to the fellowship.

The Central Asia Project’s gospel seeds bear fruit!

Young people in oppressed Central Asia are turning to Jesus. The Central Asia Project (CAP) has been working with Feba UK for nearly thirty years and in spite of many difficulties and challenges, they are seeing many come to faith in Christ. 

The Students in Media (SIM) project is run by CAP, reaching out to people aged between 18 and 23. Our partners’ vision is to see the lives and views of the students transformed by Jesus. CAP shows them how they can become leaders and inspirers at their university, workplace and in the wider media world. Through their influence, young people will exhibit Kingdom values and transform the social and spiritual values of their communities. 

“Having Jesus in my heart is the best thing I could have in my whole life.” SIM student.  

Praise God! Kyrgyz listeners are experiencing the fullness of life 

Our partner, FEBC Kyrgyzstan, broadcasts across the country using FM radio and social media, with the potential to engage nearly two-thirds of the population and bring the good news of Jesus to this troubled nation. 

Their Me and Life programme focuses on godly truths and encourages listeners in difficult situations to reflect on how God’s guidance can help them. 

Biz Kaltyrchu Izder (The Traces We Leave) is concerned with valuing the human soul, mind and life, giving up the love of material wealth in favour of eternal life and Kingdom principles. Listeners share with broadcasters their personal stories of how God is changing them:

“One of our listeners is an orphan from remote Isyk-Kul in East Kyrgyzstan. She tends sheep in the mountains and had no faith or hope in her future. However, she began listening to our programmes and the Word of God entered her soul. She has now accepted God’s love and has changed into a happy, optimistic person who trusts the Lord for everything. 

Please give. Your gifts help transform listeners' lives.

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*Name changed for security reasons.