We are immensely grateful to our supporters for their prayers, time, and donations - all of which help the gospel to be heard in hard-to-reach places; our ministry partners overseas are very grateful too.

Whilst members the Feba team based in the UK have opportunity to engage directly with you - our supporters - from time to time, it is typically much harder for ministry partners overseas to connect in quite the same way. Our monthly online prayer meetings do provide a special way for you to hear from them and pray together, and a common theme is that partners are always very appreciative of the warmth and sincerity of support expressed. Please know that your commitment to Feba's ministry is always treasured greatly.

Many of our partners work in difficult places that sometimes make the headlines for various reasons, whilst others might not feature on our radar so often - if at all. Whilst the turnover of stories covered by the UK's mainstream media might seem relentlessly negative (and sometime rather fickle too), our partners remain steadfast in their efforts to communicate the timeless truth and unique hope of the gospel. It is extraordinary to see, for example, how the teams in Russia and Ukraine have both maintained that focus and persevered with their work despite the immense pressures they've faced in recent months.

Two years on from the start of the full scale invasion, please watch this short video for a special 'Thank You' message from our friends at FEBC Ukraine.

Please do keep your eyes peeled for more on the work in Russia that we'll be sharing over the coming months. The pressures they face are in some ways similar to those facing their colleagues in Ukraine, but in other respects are very different. Whilst the two countries are engaged in a bitter, protracted and costly armed conflict with each another, the teams stand united in Christ - the Prince of Peace.

Please do pray, and know that your support is always very gratefully received. Thank you.

'We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.'

1 Thessalonians 1:2

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