Feba writer and Fundraiser Gill Knowles reflects on Luke 2:52 and relates the verse to the work of our partners and projects.

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. 

Luke 2:52

This verse is an interesting comment on the development of Jesus, and through it he is presented as a well-rounded, balanced individual. Feba, through a range of projects, works with its partners to help achieve the same for individuals, families and communities in different areas of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Jesus grew in wisdom

Wisdom is about applying knowledge in a good and helpful way. Our partners in Nepal, for example, educate their listeners about hygiene, health and wellbeing, agriculture, clean water and sanitation. Not only do they give information but they help listeners discuss together how they can best apply what they have learnt. As a result we see farmers using new techniques to improve their harvests.

Farmed fields with harvested crops in Nepal

Farmed fields and harvested crops in a neighbouring area to Afno FM, Nepal.

Jesus grew in stature

Healthy, physical development is important and many of our partners include health information and advice in their radio programmes. This may help reduce the spread of diseases such as Ebola and cholera, help mothers with pre- and post- natal care, and tackle issues of addiction. Communities who have been affected by epidemics like Ebola are also able to share their experiences on the radio to address stigma, access counselling or reach out to others.  

Ebola survivor Alleiyou shares his story

Ebola survivor Alieu tells Stephanie Mooney about his experience with Ebola.

Jesus grew in favour with God

A balanced and helpful approach to the practical things of life stems from the values and beliefs which are held deep within. A number of our partners produce radio programmes which discuss spiritual issues, include Bible teaching and discipleship, and help listeners know God personally. One listener to Freedom Radio in North East Africa comments:  

“You are a blessing for our country...now I am a believer, because of your programme.”

Hands clasped in prayer

Hands clasped in prayer

Jesus grew in favour with man

Our listeners are part of a family and community, and many of our partners’ programmes help people live and work together. They help with community cohesion and reconciliation, and provide opportunities to celebrate community strengths and to address their shared issues.  Programmes like Udaan in North India regularly host listeners’ conferences in person.  The radio show's producers travel to meet listeners so they can discover more about the needs of the community, and also meet those who have contacted the station wanting to find out more about Jesus.

Udaan Radio producer & pastor Prakash meets a listener group

Udaan Radio producer & pastor Prakash meets a listener group

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