We believe that both prayer and finances are essential ingredients for Feba's ministry to flourish. That's why we're keen to provide a range of different ways in which people can support the work.

Feba's core prayer resource is called 'Prayer Focus'. It is produced monthly and features a fresh prayer item for each day. Prayer Focus can be sent directly to supporters by email on request, or the same material can be found on Feba's website. We also share the same prayer resources through a popular app called PrayerMate, available for Android and iOs. For any supporters without access to the internet, we will gladly post a simple printed document. If you would like to receive Prayer Focus by email or in the post, please just contact us.

A number of Feba's supporters either facilitate or host regular prayer meetings for the ministry, and some others serve as contacts or representatives in a local church. We produce various resources that can be used to tell people about Feba's work. If you would like to know how we could support you to be involved in that way then please do send a note for the attention of our Churches Officer, Carole Darling, and she'd be delighted to assist. Please also speak with Carole if you would like to discuss the possibility of having someone from Feba visit your church.

Prompted by the coronavirus restrictions on movement and gathering in person, Feba introduced monthly online prayer meetings in spring 2020. They have been very popular with supporters - a great way to hear some ministry updates, a Bible reflection, and opportunity to pray in small groups. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.00pm. You can find full details of the Prayer Meetings here.

The generosity of Feba's supporters is remarkable, for which we are extremely grateful. Many people give directly as private individuals whilst others are involved as members of a supporting church, and some through grant making trusts. We recognise that people's ability to give is in no way related to their interest or commitment, and we respect absolutely that there are countless 'good causes' to support - and no-one can possibly give to them all!

For some people, a pattern of regular giving can help them feel a special sense of belonging and association over time. We are very blessed to have a significant number of very faithful and loyal long-term supporters, some of whom have journeyed with Feba for many years. Many find that a Direct Debit is a convenient and secure way to manage regular giving. Some prefer to use a dedicated giving account service such as Stewardship or CAF.

For others, single one-off gifts are perhaps more appropriate or attractive. For them, giving online using a credit card is often the best way to give to Feba. Some people still prefer to send cheques to us in the post, and that is fine too.

It is particularly moving when people choose to remember Feba in their Will, or when family or friends decide to remember a loved one by making a gift 'in memoriam'. Supporting the ministry in this special way can help provide for life-giving and life-changing broadcasts long after someone has died. If you would like to discuss this in confidence, please contact Feba's Chief Executive, Bob Chambers, either by email or by calling the office.

In addition to conventional cash gifts, there are some indirect ways in which you can support Feba's ministry too.

Whether it's running, cycling, knitting, baking or something completely different, a sponsored event can be a great way of raising funds and also awareness of the causes you care about. We can support you with some Feba promotional materials and help advise on different channels through which people can give. If you have an event in mind then we'd love to hear from you - please do get in touch.

Many people today shop online, whether for regular groceries, homeware items, clothing or gifts - for example. Feba is part of a scheme called 'easyfundraising' that channels a percentage commission for online purchases from certain retailers. The scheme includes many of the big online stores, and their products cost no more than they would if you visited their websites directly. Here's a selection of the participating stores:

Feba has a small group of committed volunteers who meet regularly to sort postage stamps ready for sale and auction. This initiative started back in 1968 and has generated a sizeable sum over those many years. Whether they're from the UK or international, and whatever age or denomination, your stamps could be valuable to Feba. We have a simple guide that explains what to do with different types of stamps to maximise their value. Please send or deliver your stamps to the office, from where they will be processed. If you have a particularly valuable or unusual collection of stamps you would be interested in donating to Feba then please contact us.

Many (but not all) used printer cartridges can be recycled to generate income for Feba. We are registered with a scheme called simply 'Recycle4Charity' and it is very easy to use. They provide freepost envelopes for individuals - or larger boxes if required by schools or churches, for example - for people to collect a wide range of cartridges that can then be recycled. For full details and to sign up, please visit the 'Recycle4Charity' website.

We hope you found that of interest and use! However you choose to support Feba, thank you most sincerely for partnering with us. If you do have any questions, comments or suggestions then we'd love to hear from you.