Feba works with a range of mission partners in Yemen to broadcast across the Arabian Peninsula. The ongoing war, humanitarian crisis and COVID-19 continue to impact Yemeni citizens across the country. As well as producing programmes that teach about the Christian faith, Feba’s mission partners also provide practical advice that helps listeners to consider social and spiritual change.

SUNDAY 24th July

Please pray for God's protection over every family connected with Feba's mission partners in Yemen. Pray for guidance for team members to know how best to serve in these challenging times. Please pray especially for the mother of one of the members of the team. Ask God to open her heart and eyes to the Good News of Jesus and receive healing in her mind and body. (Proverbs 23:26)

Please also pray for the Feba UK team this week as they attend the Keswick Convention, hoping to share the work of Feba’s partners with those joining from all over the country.

MONDAY 25th July

We thank God for the truce that has been in place since the beginning of April. Please pray for the Yemeni government, the Houthi rebels and everyone in authority to uphold this truce and finally see an end to this devastating war. Praise God that the airport in Sanaa has opened for the first time in six years. Pray that the blockade of the important city of Taiz that's been in place since 2015 will also end so aid can reach the millions suffering in this region.

TUESDAY 26th July

Please pray for the team working on a new programme for Christian leaders in the country. We thank God for the partnerships that have developed through Feba's ministry with those small groups of believers who are able to meet together in Yemen. Please pray that these new programmes will continue to strengthen these partnerships even further as the team explores fresh ways to support and interact with local church leaders. (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)


Praise God for a new production being recorded right now by children for children in who listen to the radio around the country. Please pray for this opportunity for children to be able to express God's love and care in a way that will speak directly to the hearts and minds of many other children suffering in Yemen. (Ephesians 5:1-2)

THURSDAY 28th July

Please pray for the ground breaking efforts to reach the Muhammasheen people in Yemen with the Good News of Jesus. Pray for creative inspiration as the team plans to use drama and provide extensive content on social media to share the Gospel and highlight the injustice and discrimination faced by the Muhammasheen every day. (Isaiah 1:17)

FRIDAY 29th July

Pray for brother Nabil in the south of Yemen who has serious health issues and is awaiting surgery on his eyes. Also, please pray for Nada’s future. Ask God that she will be able to go to university, despite her father's opposition to her continuing with her studies.

SATURDAY 30th July

Please pray for the preparations that are currently underway for the first in-person recording of 'Reality Church' in September, since the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. Pray that these recordings will reconnect with listeners who have felt particularly lonely, isolated and lacking in fellowship over the last couple of years. (Psalm 68:5-6)

SUNDAY 31st July

As the team works on the production plan for 2023, please pray for God's wisdom, guidance and inspiration, especially as the team looks forward to a very different future in Yemen where His peace and justice reign in place of years of war, terror, pain and suffering. (Isaiah 2:4)

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.

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