Feba UK partners with the Yemen Project by supporting the production, broadcast and follow up of programmes. The broadcasts help listeners consider social and spiritual change, as well as offering practical advice and teaching about the Christian faith.

SUNDAY 12th January 

Praise God for a film about Mary Magdalene that has been widely shared recently on Facebook. Lasting 120 minutes, the film has been dubbed by a Feba partner in a Yemeni dialect which has enabled people to understand more fully God’s powerful message of repentance and saving love. Please pray this film will continue to be shared extensively across social media channels so many more people can hear and respond to the gospel message.

MONDAY 13th January

Please pray for Sam who presents a live weekly show that is broadcast on both internet and shortwave radio across Yemen. Sam is getting amazing feedback on WhatsApp from the programme, including requests for 48 Bibles in PDF format in recent weeks. Pray that God’s Word accomplishes His purpose for which He sent it (Isaiah 55:11). 

TUESDAY 14th January

The team is pioneering a new family-based Bible study programme in a Yemeni dialect where a mother sits with her 18-year-old son and 10 year old daughter to discuss Bible passages using the Discovery Bible Study method. Please pray that these programmes will provide a model for studying the Bible that other families can follow and then go and make disciples among their family, neighbours and friends in Yemen (Matthew 18: 19-20).

WEDNESDAY 15th January

A man has recently contacted the team in Yemen asking for prayer for his son who is very ill. He was moved to call and ask for prayer after he saw the link to the Mary Magdalene film on Facebook. Please ask God to heal this young man and give comfort and hope to his family in Jesus’ Name (Luke 2:10).

THURSDAY 16th January

There are currently four follow-up workers who are ‘external to Yemen’. The newest follow-up worker is a woman from a Muslim background who has a wonderful gift for relating to both women and Muslims. Please pray for these faithful people, especially as they carry a very heavy workload. As well as experiencing the joy of seeing people come closer to the Lord, they also have to respond in grace and love to those who insult and threaten them. 

FRIDAY 17th January

We thank God for the responses that the team are receiving to their online ministry in Yemen. In addition to reaching more than 23,000 people with gospel messages, many are responding positively with ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and personal messages sent via social media and email. Please pray that this online ministry will continue to reach people in the best way possible with the gospel in what is still a war-torn and impoverished country.

SATURDAY 18th January

Please pray for the Children’s Bible Story ministry in Yemen which has the potential to reach both children and their families with the good news of Jesus. While the stories are currently available on an app created by one of Feba’s partners, there are plans to schedule Bible stories for children as part of the new family Discovery Bible Study sessions.