Despite the war, FEBC Ukraine is continuing to broadcast the gospel across the country. Using FM radio, social networks, smartphone apps, and web broadcasting, the teams are playing a vital role in sharing God's word and praying for people over the airwaves while also providing practical support to listeners traumatised by the conflict. The following prayer points are a follow-up to the online prayer meeting hosted by Feba UK in November.

SUNDAY 25th December

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus today and recall how God entered the world in the humblest circumstances, we lift up our Christian brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are facing unimaginable hardship this winter. Pray for God's protection over the energy, internet and water supplies. Pray that nothing would stop the team at FEBC Ukraine from serving their listeners and continuing to bring good news 'that will cause great joy for all the people'. (Luke 2:10)

MONDAY 26th December

Please pray for God's hand of protection over FEBC's new station and training facility in Kyiv. The team has been using every means possible to promote the new station. Please pray that the listenership across the capital would continue to grow and that the station’s Christian influence would be felt in many hearts and minds. (Romans 12:2)  

TUESDAY 27th December

Please pray for Iryna who coordinates the counselling team. She carries a huge weight of responsibility as the demand for counselling continues to increase at an extraordinary rate. She has almost been killed twice in different attacks during the war. (Isaiah 40:29)

WEDNESDAY 28th December

Praise God for the new expanded team of online counsellors who are serving listeners remotely from different cities. Please pray for the system that enables the team to coordinate the allocation and tracking of engagement with listeners. Pray also for their own resilience and reliance on God as they listen and respond to the heartrending needs of callers.

THURSDAY 29th December

Please pray for Eduard who leads FEBC's ministry in Ukraine. With so many additional pressures on his shoulders, ask for God's wisdom, courage, grace, humility, resilience and strength to sustain him through all the challenges ahead. Pray that he would walk closely with God, and that his relationship with his wife and children would be protected too. (Ephesians 6:10)

FRIDAY 30th December 

Please pray for the emotional and spiritual strength of all the broadcasters, as they continue to prepare and present programmes that offer a message of hope in the face of war. Many are literally exhausted. Each member of the team has lost loved ones and people they know in this brutal war. (Psalm 147:3)

SATURDAY 31st December

Pray for the granting of two additional frequencies in key Ukrainian cities in the next month. The needs are tremendous and the response coming from listeners to existing stations in recent months has been really encouraging; to be able to expand further would be a great blessing. (Colossians 3:17)

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.