Despite the war, FEBC Ukraine is continuing to broadcast the Good News across the country. Using FM radio, social networks, smartphone apps, and web broadcasting, the teams are playing a vital role in sharing God's word and praying for people over the airwaves while also providing practical support to listeners traumatised by the conflict.

Note: You can read more from the team at - see QR code on the back page of this Prayer Focus.


SUNDAY 15th June

In the midst of all the extraordinary challenges facing the FEBC team in Ukraine, the ministry is still operating. Most of the team has relocated, and the emotional and psychological pressures on them and their families are considerable. The FM broadcasts are ongoing, as is the internet activity. Please pray for the team today as they show incredible resolve to share the good news of Jesus at every opportunity and respond to those who are turning to God in huge numbers at this time. (Acts 8:4)

MONDAY 16th June

Please pray for wisdom for Nina who is managing the team of prayer helpline counsellors and volunteers at FEBC Ukraine. She has asked us to "pray that God would continue to use the helpline in even greater ways to reach more people with the love of God and help them find new life in Jesus". Nina has also asked us to pray for emotional and spiritual strength for the counselling team. Many are ministering to severely stressed callers while also having to deal with similar issues themselves.

TUESDAY 17th June

We give thanks for Eduard, the Director of FEBC Ukraine who is currently spearheading an initiative to launch a new radio station in Zaporizhzhia – a city in south-eastern Ukraine. He says, "We are currently working on connecting the equipment and getting the station ready to broadcast on FM. Everything is going to plan but we need your prayers". Please pray that an agreement for the new radio station can be reached with the authorities and that any last-minute technical complications can be quickly resolved.  

WEDNESDAY 18th June                                                                                                                                                          

Please pray for FEBC broadcaster, Igor, who visited the devastated city of Bucha, as well as Gostomel and Vozrel, last month to assess how the team could best serve the people who had stayed and for those returning to their ruined homes. He reports how the sights of destroyed buildings, apartments, tanks, broken glass and dogs running in the streets was 'like living in a post-apocalyptic movie'. Please pray for the hundreds of volunteers who Igor says are joyfully coming to these cities to clean up and repair the streets. He says, "I'm inspired by the faith of our people!"

THURSDAY 19th June

Please pray for Max, FEBC Ukraine's programme director who has travelled with his family from the capital, Kyiv, to Chernivtsi in western Ukraine to help lead the broadcasting team in FEBC's new temporary headquarters. Ask for God's guidance for Max as he balances looking after his family while also organising a broadcasting team that has been scattered across the country. Pray also for spiritual and emotional strength as Max is now broadcasting longer programmes that are ministering God's love and His word to people who are desperate to hear it.

FRIDAY 20th June 

Husband and wife, Alexander and Nadia host the 'Family Bible Hour' programme together and both serve as counsellors on FEBC's prayer helpline. They've asked us to pray for God's help to endure and not break down emotionally. Please pray that God will protect their family and give them strength to keep serving people with housing, money, prayer and practical assistance. Praise God that this selfless couple has opened their home to other FEBC team members who have fled from the east to seek sanctuary in the west of Ukraine. (Proverbs 11:25)

SATURDAY 21st June

FEBC Ukraine broadcaster, Inna has been hosting up to five prayer meetings on the radio and on various social media channels almost every day since the war started on 24 February. People are invited to submit their prayer requests and comments via text or chat facilities in the apps. Please pray for God's strength to sustain Inna as she carries out this vital role in praying for people and answering their questions about faith. She says that many people continue to contact her after the broadcasts seeking answers. Pray for wisdom, patience and grace for Inna and her team at this extremely challenging time. (James 1:5)