FEBC Ukraine broadcasts the Good News on seven FM radio stations throughout the entire country. Programmes were first aired via shortwave in the late 1940’s. In 1992, after communism fell, our partners began broadcasting within the country. Today they use new media tools widely to reach listeners, including social networks, smartphone apps, and web broadcasting. Each month they reach millions of listeners and receive approximately 30,000 listener responses. Through our partnership, Feba supports follow-up and counselling to listeners across the country.

WEDNESDAY 1st September

Praise God that after much prayer, planning and generous support from partners across the world, the team will soon be moving into their brand new studio in the Kyiv Media Evangelism Centre. Please pray for a smooth transition and minimal interruption to regular broadcasts, especially now that much of the equipment has been removed from the old studio. Please join us at our online prayer meeting this evening – for full details see www.feba.org.uk/prayermeeting

THURSDAY 2nd September

Please pray for the expansion of the partnership between FEBC and a local church in Rivne, an historic city in western Ukraine. In this city that's an important transportation hub in Ukraine, pray for opportunities for more FEBC partnerships to open up with churches and other Christian groups.

FRIDAY 3rd September

Now in its seventh year, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine continues to blight the lives of many FEBC listeners from threatening their physical safety to limiting access to food, medicines, adequate housing and schools. Please pray for listeners living near the frontlines who have suffered greatly and are still trying to cope with the effects of poverty, broken relationships, and trauma-related issues such as PTSD.

SATURDAY 4th September

Olesia, an FEBC Ukraine broadcaster and journalist, recently spoke at a conference for social workers and journalists about FEBC Ukraine’s work and mission. Please pray that this God-given opportunity will draw more people to take an active interest in the work of FEBC's ministry and to create new partnerships with other like-minded people across Ukraine.

SUNDAY 5th September

Please pray for Eugene Goltsov who hosts a programme for soldiers and others who have been affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. As well as visiting the region, he spends time meeting and talking with local people and supporting ministers who are serving them. Please also pray for God's peace and protection over his family, especially when Eugene is often ministering away from home.

MONDAY 6th September

FEBC Ukraine broadcaster, Inna, recently met two girls in a café where they were both working. One girl told her she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After speaking to Inna, she gladly became an FEBC Ukraine listener. Inna writes: “She really needs God, and it’s clear to see how He is guiding her. Please pray that God sends more people like this across our path!”   

TUESDAY 7th September

Please pray for Igor who has been having great success on TikTok – a social media platform that's particularly popular with young people. Worryingly, witches have been using the platform to show people how to perform demonic rituals. To counter this, Igor recently posted a video where he talked about God's miracles. Praise God that many people have responded to the video, which has given Igor opportunities to share about the difference Christ makes in his life.

WEDNESDAY 8th September

As part of a local church programme, a group of teenagers from troubled homes enjoyed a recent visit to the FEBC Ukraine studios. They were shown how the equipment works and watched a broadcast go on air before having refreshments with the broadcasters. Please pray that this visit will bear much fruit and prove an important step in the faith journey of these young people.

THURSDAY 9th September

Please pray for the FEBC Ukraine broadcasters who often spend time talking with listeners after their programmes. One broadcaster, Irina, spent an hour talking with a young listener called Max about a problem he was having with his mother and how to live out the commandment to ‘Honour your parents.’ Please pray for Max and his mum and ask that he will have a personal encounter with Jesus. Please also remember the growing number of young listeners who tune into FEBC Ukraine seeking to know God and understand His purpose for their lives (Matthew 7: 7-8).

FRIDAY 10th September

We thank God for the new Kyiv Media Evangelism Centre and pray that these new facilities will enable the team to work more creatively and effectively in producing programmes that give glory to God and help to fulfil the Great Commission across Ukraine (Matthew 28:16-20).

SATURDAY 11th September

Please pray for FEBC Ukraine listeners who are finding freedom and healing in Christ. One listener said recently, “You taught me how to forgive! After your explanation of how to forgive correctly, I was able to forgive my loved one, and from that moment a huge burden was removed. Now there’s only happiness!” (Matthew 6:14).