Feba UK's partner, Gaweylon Radio, is broadcasting to a mainly Buddhist population in Tibet and the surrounding diaspora. In a country where evangelism is not welcomed, their radio programmes, CDs and literature help listeners consider social and spiritual change, as well as offering practical advice and teaching about the Christian faith.

SUNDAY 26th December

The Gaweylon team has been producing the Tibetan radio programmes regularly and has been able to broadcast even further, reaching out to listeners over a much wider area. Give thanks to God for these opportunities to share the Gospel and the transformational power of Jesus with clear and uninterrupted reception for listeners.

MONDAY 27th December

Despite the challenges experienced through COVID-19 and the limitations on connecting with listeners in person, the follow-up team has been able to engage with listeners through letters now the postal system is returning to normal. As requests come through, the team are able to post resources to listeners that will encourage and support them in their walk with God. Please pray as these resources reach each listener, that they may build them up in their faith and deepen their connection with the team at Gaweylon Radio. (Hebrews 11:6)

TUESDAY 28th December

The team has shared that many of their listeners have lost loved ones over the past months during the pandemic. Please pray that the programmes aired will bring peace and healing to the broken hearted (Psalm 147:3). Pray particularly for the health tracts the team has prepared in three languages. These include various topics to raise awareness and encourage prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the region. Pray that God will bless these efforts and those who faithfully help the team to distribute them in their local areas.

WEDNESDAY 29th December

The team is using lots of different media to reach listeners across the whole country. The station manager explains how they use radio, YouTube, printed literature, CD’s and USB Pen Drives to provide Bible programmes, health updates, worship music and so much more to encourage and reach communities. Pray that each of these tools may be as effective as possible in reaching out to their audience.

THURSDAY 30th December

During a storm, lightning struck the Centre in late September damaging a lot of studio equipment, office equipment and electrical installations. The team gives thanks to God that no one was injured during the incident, but please lift up the restoration process in prayer, asking God to be over the repairs and give thanks for His provision and for the replacement of damaged equipment.

FRIDAY 31st December

Please pray for the seven staff and three trainees working at Gaweylon Radio that God will give them wisdom as they serve in different situations. Please pray for the team as they prepare new resources in print, audio and video to share with listeners in the coming year.

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.