Feba UK's partner, Gaweylon Radio, is broadcasting to a mainly Buddhist population in Tibet and the surrounding diaspora. In a country where evangelism is not welcomed, their radio programmes, CDs and literature help listeners consider social and spiritual change, as well as offering practical advice and teaching about the Christian faith.

SUNDAY 18th December

We give thanks for the God-given opportunities to broadcast Gaweylon programmes three days a week on shortwave radio to people living in areas that are largely unreached by the gospel. Please pray that the reception will continue to be clear and easily received by listeners, despite the fact the signal has to cover a very large area, including the mountainous region of Tibet. (Mark 16:15)

The final instalment of our 'Waiting in hope' Advent resources is published online today, with a particular focus on the ministry in Egypt. Please click here to view the material, including a short video.

MONDAY 19th December

The Tibetan diaspora is spread primarily across India, Nepal and Bhutan. There are also pockets in other parts of the world where Gaweylon's ministry is able to reach people through programmes on YouTube and via the free resources on their website. Please pray for the programming team as they prepare programmes and resources that share the good news of Jesus for this wide and dispersed audience across the world.

TUESDAY 20th December

The Gaweylon programmes have a magazine format featuring a variety of topics, interviews, discussions and songs. Please pray for the producers and presenters who play such an important part in lifting the hearts of listeners and faithfully sharing the gospel message of hope in these challenging times. (Romans 12:12)

WEDNESDAY 21st December

The team is posting many parcels of literature to listeners all over India. Please pray for wisdom and patience for the follow-up team as they use these opportunities to build stronger relationships with listeners and to reconnect with those who might have drifted away.

THURSDAY 22nd December

Team members involved in the maintenance and repair of equipment play an important role in the ministry. As the equipment shows signs of age, breakdowns are becoming more frequent. Please pray for the skills and resources that are needed to keep all the studio equipment up-to-date and working at peak performance. (1 Corinthians 12:4-6)

FRIDAY 23rd December

The follow-up team visits many different places to meet with listeners face-to-face. Please pray that God will give wisdom and guidance as they meet with people and distribute resources. Please also pray for the seven full-time staff and two trainees that oversee Gaweylon's unique and far-reaching gospel ministry.

SATURDAY 24th December

Over the Christmas season, the team will be broadcasting a series of special, gospel-based programmes. Please pray that hearts will be open to hear the good news of our saviour Jesus and the purpose of His coming to earth. (John 12:46)