In Tibet, Feba’s Partner Gaweylon continues to broadcast practical advice and teaching about the Christian faith to its mostly Buddhist population. Their programmes, literature and audio content are created to help listeners explore social and spiritual change.

SUNDAY 17th October

The give thanks to God that despite lockdown and the restrictions, the team have been able to produce programmes and broadcast them three days a week. The radio programmes broadcast on shortwave radio and cover a large area, please pray for clear reception and that many are able to hear the good news of Jesus in their own homes.

MONDAY 18th October

As the team create and produce broadcasts for listeners in Tibet, pray that they may be encouraged and strengthened in their work and that God would provide wisdom and guidance as they prepare content each week in these difficult times.  

TUESDAY 19th October

The team regularly upload four radio programmes each week on the Gaweylon YouTube channel as well as share resources through a dedicated website. Please pray that the different and varied media used will reach out to new and existing audiences so that they might grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 20th October

Please pray for the Tibetan people as they listen and encounter the good news being shared through the work of the team, ask that God will soften their hearts and open their ears to hear about the Christian faith and respond.  

THURSDAY 21st October

Gaweylon Radio continues to run a very successful training and mentoring programme. Please continue to pray for the six trainees who joined the team earlier this year and are working part-time, learning various skills by assisting the team. Pray that they may go on to grow spiritually through taking part in this training programme.

FRIDAY 22nd October

The follow up team have been busy preparing resources, including literature and CDs filled with Bible teaching and encouragement. These will be posted over this month and next to listeners across Tibet. Please pray that these parcels will reach people safely and that God will provide all they need to complete this endeavour.

SATURDAY 23rd October

Please pray for the seven Gaweylon staff, four trainees and their families who faithfully serve in this radio ministry. Give thanks for their continued protection over the last year. Pray that God will provide for all the team needs as they prepare and produce programming over the coming months.