Gaweylon Radio, Feba UK’s partner in Tibet, broadcasts mainly to a Buddhist population. In an environment where evangelism is not welcomed by the Tibetan authorities, much of this work is done at great risk. Their radio programmes, CDs and literature help listeners consider social and spiritual change, as well as offering practical advice and teaching about the Christian faith.

SUNDAY 12th July 

We thank God for the programming team that had the foresight to produce a number of programmes in advance of the lockdown coming into effect a few months ago. Despite the lockdown restrictions, the team has continued to produce timely and relevant broadcasts for radio audiences. Please pray for a good reception from the radio transmitter, especially with many more people tuning in each day to listen.

MONDAY 13th July 

During the past three months the team has prepared special features on Covid-19 to increase listener awareness of the virus and give advice on how to prevent it spreading. Please pray for wisdom and creativity for the team as they continue to produce short features so the messages around Covid-19 are followed, acted on and shared widely by all who listen to them.

TUESDAY 14th July 

Before the lockdown in India on 22 March 2020, the team was able to visit several places, meet people and distribute resources. They also posted over 740 parcels of resources to listeners in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Since lockdown the postal system has stopped. Please pray that the parcels in the post will reach their destinations safely and everyone receiving these resources will be blessed.


The team currently uses a variety of resources from literature and audio/video CD’s to shortwave radio, USB Pen Drives, programmes on YouTube, and the Gaweylon website to reach and encourage people with the good news of Jesus. Pray these resources will bless people and many will come to know Jesus personally during these troubled times.

THURSDAY 16th July

Please pray for members of the Gaweylon team today involved in programming, follow-up, recording, maintenance, administration and support. Ask for God’s strength, wisdom in every situation – James 1:5.

FRIDAY 17th July

Praise God for the opportunities the team can give young people through the Gaweylon Training and Mentoring programme. There are currently five trainees who are working part-time and learning various skills while assisting the team. Pray that as they learn new skills they will be encouraged and grow stronger in their faith.

SATURDAY 18th July

Please pray for God’s healing and mercy across India where there continues to be a rapid increase in infections and loss of life due to Covid-19. Pray for wisdom for those in authority to respond to this crisis with deep care and compassion.