Since 1951 the team at FEBC Thailand has been sharing the good news in a nation that is over 90% Buddhist. In addition to their evangelistic programmes, the station is a trusted source of information in times of emergencies and airs programmes that offer counselling and hope.

SUNDAY 27th December  

Please pray for listeners participating in the Aerial Bible Programme – a distance learning Bible correspondence course. We thank God for those who visited the station recently and received audio CD's of the scriptures to share with their friends and neighbours. Ask God to plant these 'seeds of the gospel' in many lives in the coming months.

MONDAY 28th December 

Host of the Fill your Hearts programme, DJ Tai Darunee recently joined an evangelistic team from FEBC on a visit to listeners in Kanchanaburi. Praise God for all those who made a decision to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour during this visit. Please pray for the people who received radios, devotional books and other materials to help disciple them in their new-found faith. Remember those who are still searching for the truth about Jesus and pray they will open their hearts to Him.

TUESDAY 29th December  

The FEBC evangelistic team has recently hosted a one-day mission school in Khonburi. Praise God for nearly 900 young people who registered for the course. Please pray that these young people will be faithful to God's call to share the good news and make disciples in their homes, schools and local communities.

WEDNESDAY 30th December

While followers of Jesus are able to practise their faith openly in Thailand without fear of recrimination or discrimination, many Thai Christians feel isolated living in this Buddhist majority population. Please pray for a small group of listeners attending Paisalee Samphan Church. Pray they would know God's presence and experience His joy and comfort when they feel alone or afraid. There are countless churches like this across Thailand that are connecting with FEBC and receiving spiritual strength and encouragement.

THURSDAY 31st December

At the end of this very challenging year, we thank God for the worldwide family of broadcasters that Feba UK is part of. Please pray for listeners like this young man in Thailand who said recently, “I listen to your programme every day. When it’s 3pm, I bring my radio out and get ready to listen to the programme with an eager heart". We pray that many more hearts will be eager to hear about Jesus through Feba's ministry and commit their lives to Him in 2021.