FEBC Russia and Ukraine co-ordinate a wide-ranging group of projects. These ministries seek to communicate the gospel by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ through multiple platforms including several radio stations, as well as websites and via social media.

SUNDAY 24th May 

Praise God for the overwhelming response FEBC Ukraine has received from their new helpline. Please pray for the follow-up workers who often spend hours communicating with people online during and after broadcasts. Also, please remember the broadcasters and counsellors as they are now responding to a significant increase in calls. Ask for emotional and spiritual strength from the Lord.

MONDAY 25th May

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, FEBC Ukraine is supporting the efforts of local churches reaching out to those in need. The team is promoting their efforts on the air and encouraging others to give their support. Churches have been delivering groceries, helping the elderly with supplies and medicine, and offering the services of a trained medic to provide check-ups and first aid. Please pray for these churches and volunteers who are going out of their way to help those in greatest need.

TUESDAY 26th May

Please pray for Victor Akhterov, FEBC's leader in Ukraine, as he manages the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and tries to resolve logistical issues such as cover for staff who are unwell or unable to get to the studio because of the lockdown in Kyiv.


Please pray for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian workers coming back to Ukraine from Spain and Italy. Many of these men and women listen to FEBC programmes. Pray that FEBC broadcasters will be able to provide messages of hope and the good news of Jesus during these critical times. 


FEBC Ukraine has several programmes specifically for prisoners and the families of prisoners. The wives of long-term or life-time convicts will often listen to the programmes and participate in the discussions. Following the programmes, they will tell their husbands what they’ve heard, as some do not have access to the internet in prison. Please pray for this special ministry and ask that God will change many hearts and lives through this ministry.

FRIDAY 29th May 

Many of the team in Ukraine are now having to broadcast from their homes in situations that are not ideal. Broadcasters are spending much more time behind the mic than ever before which is proving very demanding on both them and their families. Please pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to renew them with daily strength and inspiration. 


Please pray that FEBC Ukraine will still be able to open the new station in the city of Kremenchuk this summer. Ask God to prepare the hearts of new listeners to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.

SUNDAY 31st May

Please pray for the teams in Ukraine as they are planning to broadcast sermons from local churches to their regions on Sundays. The aim is to reach a wider audience and give people who have never been to church the opportunity to experience a service in their area. Please pray this new initiative will encourage people to connect with their local church and attend services once the quarantine period is over.