Feba’s partners in Russia and Ukraine co-ordinate a wide-ranging group of projects, overseen by Victor Akhterov (click here to see Victor’s recent Christmas message). These ministries seek to communicate the gospel by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ through multiple platforms including several radio stations, as well as websites and via social media.

WEDNESDAY 1st January 

Countless people are suffering after losing loved ones in the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. Many have been left with sole responsibility to care for their families with no one to talk to about their grief and pain. Please pray for Julia, a psychologist, who reaches out through her regular broadcasts to those who are stuck in their pain and offers relief by listening and sharing the love of Jesus to those in great need at this time.

THURSDAY 2nd January

Please pray for Olesya, who works with orphans and other disadvantaged youth. She spoke at a youth forum recently about self-discipline and bettering oneself through training and getting experience. She received an enthusiastic response from the young people present and those watching online. Ask for God’s wisdom for these young people who need people to believe in them and assure them they ‘can do all things through Christ’ (Philippians 4:13).

FRIDAY 3rd January

Please pray for listeners like Tamara who was a guest on a programme hosted by Natalia Pronina in Russia. She was inspired to continue sharing her story and to reach out to people who have been imprisoned, whether or not they had actually committed a crime, and help free them from shame and embarrassment through faith in Jesus Christ.

SATURDAY 4th January

Please pray for broadcasters who are encouraging adoption in Russia. Please ask that God would open the hearts of listeners, so that children without parents can find a new home.

SUNDAY 5th January

A common problem that listeners write and call in about are feelings of hopelessness and not having any meaning in their lives. Pray for our broadcasters as they point listeners in both Russia and Ukraine to the hope found in Jesus and help them find that hope in their own lives (Romans 15:13).

MONDAY 6th January

Igor Popov hosts a programme called Nothing Special, focusing on children with special needs. This is a much-needed resource for struggling families that discusses issues ranging from autism to blindness. The team give parents much needed support and encouragement, as well as resources and advice to help their children reach their potential. Please pray for Igor and for the families raising children with special needs.

TUESDAY 7th January

In Russia, the number of single-parent families has grown rapidly in recent years to more than 6.2 million. Please pray these single parents will hear about God's love for them and their children and receive encouragement and hope through listening to programmes both on the radio and online.

WEDNESDAY 8th January

Please pray for our teams as they walk with those who responded to the good news of Jesus over Christmas season. Atheism is common in families in Russia and Ukraine. Most people are indifferent to church, and if they go, it is only once a year. Please pray for more opportunities to introduce people to Jesus Christ in across Russia and Ukraine.

THURSDAY 9th January

Andrei, a listener from St. Petersburg, started reading the Bible for the first time after talking with programme host, Vladislav. He now watches all of Vladislav’s broadcasts and stays in contact with him. Please pray for listeners like Andrei who are reading and learning about God’s word for the first time.

FRIDAY 10th January

RadioM had a God-given opportunity to introduce their ministry and meet potential listeners at a Leadership Summit held in Kiev in December. Please pray that all those who attended this important Summit will be inspired to tell others  how our partners in Ukraine and Russia are using radio and other audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

SATURDAY 11th January

Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom and resources for the team at FEBC-Ukraine as they make plans to purchase a building for their Kiev Media Evangelism Centre. These new facilities are urgently needed to expand the ministry by broadcasting the gospel through social networks to all the major cities in Ukraine.