FEBC Philippines runs a network of ten radio stations strategically located in key cities across the nation. The stations in Bocaue, Bulacan, and Zambales primarily focus on broadcasting to China and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the rapidly growing underground Chinese church.

SUNDAY 22nd November 

Radical Islamist groups have been carrying out a bombing campaign in the Philippines since January 2000 – mostly targeting civilians and civilian property in the south of the country around Mindanao, Basilan, Jolo and other nearby islands. Please lift up the people in all these places in your prayers today, especially those in Jolo following a recent bombing. Pray for a lasting peace in this troubled region.

MONDAY 23rd November  

Cases of COVID-19 have now been reported in all 81 provinces of the Philippines with around 2,000 to 3,000 new cases a day. Please ask God to intervene mightily to stop the spread of the virus, particularly in the poorer rural areas where healthcare resources are severely limited. 

TUESDAY 24th November  

Volunteer broadcasters working for Santiago City Missions Radio often travel by bicycle up to 40 to 50 miles to visit and encourage listener communities. Please pray for these faithful volunteers that they will be kept safe on the roads and enjoy a fruitful time of fellowship and learning with groups of listeners.

WEDNESDAY 25th November  

Please pray for the teams working for FEBC radio stations based in Bocaue, Bulacan and Zambales. Each of these stations is playing a key role in producing evangelistic programmes which are broadcast into China. Please pray this content will feed the fast-growing underground church, and will lead those who have never heard the good news of Jesus to respond to His good news.  

THURSDAY 26th November  

‘The Good News Radio’ station in Davao City is providing much-needed online counselling and support to young people who are still staying in evacuation centres in Marawi City following the armed conflict that broke out in the city over three years ago. Please pray for counsellors and ask God to use these sessions to bring healing and restoration to these very needy young people.

FRIDAY 27th November 

The transmitter for ‘Radio Kapitbisig’ which serves China is undergoing urgently needed repairs. Please pray for the team as they trust God for the resources and skilled engineers to fix the transmitter so they can continue broadcasting.

SATURDAY 28th November 

There has been a huge increase in mental health problems across the Philippines since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hotline run by the National Centre for Mental Health has been inundated with calls, including an alarming rise in suicide-related concerns. Please ask the Lord to touch those who are burdened by anxiety, depression and other mental conditions with His peace, and restore joy to their hearts in Jesus’ name.

SUNDAY 29th November  

With so many different ethnic people groups in the Philippines, it is a challenge to reach all of them in their own language or dialect. Please pray for the people who are working tirelessly to produce programmes that bring the good news of Jesus to life for people in their own heart language.   

MONDAY 30th November 

Please pray that many will tune into FEBC’s hourly national prayer broadcast, as well as a new devotional programme designed to lift their spirits and point people to Christ.