Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment where there is insecurity and the constant threat of violence. The team is working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 23rd May

Praise God for the recent approval of Feba Pakistan's Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Pakistan in March. This will enable Feba Pakistan to continue to receive vital overseas funding from churches, partners and individual donors around the world.

MONDAY 24th May 

Please pray for the protection and safety of Feba's staff and their families as the third wave of COVID-19 has badly affected the population in Pakistan. Two senior staff members were infected with the virus after Easter, but they are starting to improve by God's Grace. With cases increasing daily, the country is back in partial lockdown. Pray for all those involved in healthcare and trying to stem the spread of the virus across the country.

TUESDAY 25th May 

At present the FM team is unable to travel due to the national lockdown which means that local volunteers are playing an even greater role in production and serving local communities. Please pray for all those involved in broadcasting Feba programmes on FM. Pray these programmes will not only impart vital health information, but also strengthen trust and cohesion in communities as the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared in relevant and culturally sensitive ways.


Please pray for listeners to have the courage to share personal concerns with Feba's follow-up teams. Many people seek guidance on various social, ethical and spiritual issues. Ask the Lord to guide all those involved in follow-up through the Holy Spirit so that many will find renewed hope and life to the full in Jesus.

THURSDAY 27th May 

FEBC Pakistan is currently developing a range of literature for listeners on various social, educational and health issues to supplement radio programmes and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray this literature will be read and spread widely among communities across Pakistan.

FRIDAY 28th May 

Please pray for the production teams as they continue to produce special programmes raising awareness of COVID-19 and giving much-needed advice on protection and vaccination. As well as sharing the latest health information, the programmes are helping listeners to remain hopeful and filled with God's assurances of peace and protection in His word.

SATURDAY 29th May 

Please pray for all those who are in financial crisis after losing jobs and businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pray that the Lord would open new doors of opportunity for them to provide for their families at this very uncertain and unsettling time.

SUNDAY 30th May

Feba Pakistan runs an innovative media training project to train up the next generation of producers, writers, editors and technicians. Please pray for the staff who are leading this important project and for the young people who are learning skills that will enable them to become effective evangelists on the airwaves and via digital channels.

MONDAY 31st May 

The level of intolerance towards the minority Christian community in Pakistan has intensified recently. Please pray for God's protection over Pakistani Christians living in fear of persecution and discrimination. Pray especially for young Christian women and girls who have been abducted and forced to convert and marry outside their faith. May they know that God will never leave or abandon them – Deuteronomy 31:6.