Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment where there is insecurity and the constant threat of violence. The team is helping to address local issues and change attitudes in Pakistan by training local broadcasters. Working alongside other Christian partners, the team are developing the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 20th March

Please pray for the family of a pastor who was brutally killed by terrorists in Pakistan on 30th January, 2022. He had been serving in the North and was attacked while travelling home after a regular Sunday service. His junior pastor was also badly injured, hospitalised and remains in a critical condition. Please pray for the community as they mourn the loss of a loved leader of their church and ask that God will bring both physical and emotional healing to the junior pastor as he slowly recovers from the attack.

MONDAY 21st March

The team share that there has been a significant increase in religious intolerance and hate in Pakistan. They ask that we might keep on praying for the safety of Feba staff as they continue to serve God in this challenging and dangerous situation. Pray for God’s protection and wisdom as they share the love of Christ among different communities in Pakistan. Pray too for those who choose violence and aggression, hatred and division, that God will break through and the Holy Spirit change hearts.

TUESDAY 22nd March

Give thanks and praise to God as the team meet and encourage new believers as they discover the Good News through the broadcasts and outreach by Christian partners working closely alongside them. Pray for the spiritual growth and steadfastness of faith for all those who are new believers this month and lift up the team as they continue to minister and seek the mighty and protective hand of our Lord for all those new in faith.

WEDNESDAY 23rd March

As the team continue to reach out and support the needs of their own communities through radio, please pray for God’s provision of qualified and skilled staff needed for the ministry in Pakistan. Pray that God will bless the strategic plans for the next two years and lift up willing individuals who can support the team and all that they hope to do. Ask for Godly wisdom for those on the interviewing committee and those who want to join this ministry for His glory and His Kingdom.

THURSDAY 24th March

The team shares of the growing challenges many face as the new Omicron variant rapidly spreads throughout all the cities in Pakistan. Many are struggling with unemployment, depression and hopelessness as they cannot work due to sickness or find that they are unable to support themselves or their families as they care for those who have fallen ill. Please pray for the mercy and grace of our Lord to intervene in this situation, bringing healing and security to those suffering.

FRIDAY 25th March

The team have asked for our ongoing prayer for their regular broadcasts, across all platforms. Give thanks that despite different challenges facing the Feba Pakistan team, God is providing them with numerous opportunities to share the gospel message through programmes and finding exciting and new ways to engage with listeners, helping and inspiring local communities.

SATURDAY 26th March

Pray for the whole Feba Pakistan staff team and the Board of Directors who are working faithfully to put in place a new strategic plan, building on available opportunities and strengthening relationships with Christian partners as they serve together. Please ask that God’s mercy and grace might abound as the team move forward to reach the unreached with the Good News. Pray that hearts will be opened, and God’s kingdom built in the midst of insecurity and in the face of the threat of violence.

SUNDAY 27th March

Pray for the local teams who are working hard to enhance their interaction and build strong relationships with local churches and like-minded organisations, inviting them to partner in prayer and resources. Ask that God might strengthen and deepen these partnerships, developing trust and empathy that the ministry might reach an even greater number of people.

MONDAY 28th March

Please pray for the conscientious production teams who are creating a special programme series for radio and social media based on the messages of hope, love and courage during this pandemic. Ask God for His guidance as they prepare and that He would intercede powerfully and with compassion through the team during this time of pain and suffering. Pray that those listening might be comforted and know the love of God personally in their lives.

TUESDAY 29th March

Pray for the guidance and protection of the dedicated follow up teams as they interact with listeners face-to-face. The team explain that this is a new step in faith to support listeners in person and create opportunities to wrestle with hard questions in a safe context. Please pray for this exciting and challenging opportunity as the team prepare, travel and arrange to meet listeners. Pray that each interaction will help those seeking the truth and encourage them to explore what faith in Jesus might mean for them personally.

WEDNESDAY 30th March

Lift up the team today as they prepare, record and broadcast programmes that share the transforming message of Jesus. Pray that they will be encouraged and strengthened, despite the challenges and instability they face. Ask that God minister to them and that they might feel His presence close to them throughout the day and coming days. May they feel wrapped in His love and care, emboldened to speak the truth and guarded by His grace and compassion.

THURSDAY 31st March

As another month draws to a close, please lift up all those feeling afraid and anxious today. Ask that God might meet with them and pour out his peace and comfort as they prepare to enter a new month, with fresh possibilities. Please pray that God will guard their hearts, that whatever heaviness they are feeling will be lifted and that they might fix their eyes on Jesus. (Hebrews 12:2).

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.

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