Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment where there is insecurity and the constant threat of violence. The team is working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 14th March   

We praise God for the protection and safety of Feba Pakistan's staff, Board members and their families from the COVID-19 pandemic and for their overall safety in all kinds of circumstances. Despite many challenges, the ministry is growing and having a positive impact on the lives of many listeners in this part of the world. Please pray for God's continuing blessing and protection over this ministry.

MONDAY 15th March   

We give thanks for the food support programme that launched in 2020 to help the families of listeners who were badly affected by COVID-19. Many of these families have shared how this practical witness not only enabled them to survive but helped them to know the true love of Christ for themselves. Please pray for this ongoing outreach programme that is being supported with the prayers and generosity of Feba's partners, friends and many churches.

TUESDAY 16th March

As persecution intensifies, please pray that Feba Pakistan will reach even more people who are isolated and spiritually oppressed, particularly in hard-to-reach areas where God's message of hope, love and salvation has yet to be heard.

WEDNESDAY 17th March 

Please pray for Feba Pakistan's new video production project. The aim is to train young people to produce short gospel stories, gospel songs, and panel discussions on various social issues which will then be shared on social media platforms. We pray that many will come to put their faith and trust in Jesus through this new initiative.

THURSDAY 18th March 

We thank God for the Listeners' seminars that are taking place in March and April this year, especially after they had to be cancelled this time last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pray that everyone attending the seminars will stay healthy and that God will bless this time of sharing, Bible teaching and supporting one another in prayer.

FRIDAY 19th March 

We remember before God all those who are faithfully following Christ as a result of listening to Feba's broadcasts in Pakistan. Please pray for their protection from religious fanaticism and threats of physical violence towards Christians which can be very frightening, particularly for new believers who have also been rejected by their family and friends.

SATURDAY 20th March 

Please pray for the upcoming Annual Listeners’ conference in May and June this year. This four-day event is based around a series of Bible studies for those seeking to follow Jesus. Keep praying for the safety of the staff, Bible teachers and all those who are organising this special event. Pray that many will come to know Christ and take a step of faith to follow Him and be His witness in their homes and communities.