Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment where there is insecurity and the constant threat of violence. The team is helping to address local issues and change attitudes in Pakistan by training local broadcasters. Working alongside other Christian partners, the team are developing the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SATURDAY 1st January 

The team in Pakistan praise God for the renewal of their Not-for-Profit Organisation Certificate for another 3 years (2021 to 2024). This certificate is issued by the PCP (Philanthropy Centre of Pakistan) and FBR (Federal Bureau of Revenue), which are two prestigious Government institutions. Give thanks that the team and the work that they do is being recognised positively in the country and pray that they may continue to find favour in the eyes of the governing bodies.

SUNDAY 2nd January

Pray for the planned development of the FM broadcasts into another two cities in 2022. The team hope to enhance the impact of their successful FMXP Project that seeks to minister and serve vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Pray that God will bless these new initiatives and that His word may reach an even greater number. Ask that God provide wisdom in how to move the project forward, and that the team will find great encouragement as the plans continue to grow according to the purposes of the Lord. Proverbs 19:21.

MONDAY 3rd January

Pray for our local Christian partners as they carry out training and grassroots activities in various cities with the help of volunteers working with Feba Pakistan’s radio team FMXP. The project is running in four cities and requires strong working relationships within the team. Pray that they may remain bold in the face of persecution and challenges while working among various communities. Ask that God will strengthen them and protect them.

TUESDAY 4th January

Give thanks to God that two of the FM staff at Feba Pakistan have made a complete recovery from Covid-19. Both staff are healthy and well and have been able to return to the office. Please pray for renewed protection over the team as the pandemic continues to impact many lives throughout the country.

WEDNESDAY 5th January

The FMXP project is working with young Christian people, offering opportunities to develop their skills in radio. Ask God for their protection and growth, while using their skills through FM radio broadcasts and working as volunteers on programmes that are bringing hope and encouragement to listeners.

THURSDAY 6th January

Pray for the staff team and their families as they face various challenges working in Christian ministry in Pakistan. Pray that God will strengthen and encourage them, and that their faith in Christ continues to grow and deepen. We pray that in the face of opposition, they will not be discouraged or disheartened but remain bold as they share their faith with non-believers and the transforming hope that they have in Jesus. 1 Corinthians 15:58.

FRIDAY 7th January

Please continue to pray for all the families who have lost their loved ones during this Covid-19 pandemic. Pray too for those listeners who are facing financial pressure and unemployment, for those who are struggling to make ends meet following the loss of a loved one. May God bring them peace and comfort in their grief and support. Lift up those who are struggling today and ask that God provide all that they might need and more.

SATURDAY 8th January 

The team express their gratitude, sharing ‘We thank God for our donors, local churches, and like-minded organisations.’ Give thanks to God for his provision and plans for the work in Pakistan and pray for the ministry as it brings the Good News to some of the hardest to reach communities.