Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment where there is insecurity and the constant threat of violence. The team is working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

THURSDAY 1st October

Please pray for the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Feba Pakistan and the Department of Economic Affairs. This is a legal requirement ensuring that charities like Feba are in compliance with government regulations in Pakistan, especially regarding funding from international donors and partners. Pray these regulations will not delay or prevent essential funding from overseas donors to support Christian mission in Pakistan.

FRIDAY 2nd October 

Pray for Feba Pakistan’s staff and Board of Directors as they begin work on a new strategic plan for the ministry. Please ask God for his vision and wisdom to guide the team, and for the resources that will be needed to implement any new plan in due course.

SATURDAY 3rd October  

We thank God for the video production facility at the Feba Pakistan office. The team has a vision to develop this into a media production house and training centre, teaching young people how to produce gospel-based audio and video. Pray for this tremendous opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with young people in various communities, using social media and other digital platforms in Pakistan. 

SUNDAY 4th October

The FM team have started travelling again following a break of four months during lockdown forced on the country by the spread of COVID-19. Please pray for their safety and protection as they prepare to conduct training sessions and grassroots activities with the help of local volunteers.

MONDAY 5th October   

Please pray for Feba Pakistan’s Book Van Project that is helping to raise local support from churches and communities by selling ministry items and sharing the gospel by distributing Christian literature to different groups in Pakistan. Pray that many will be blessed through this project.  

TUESDAY 6th October   

We pray that Feba Pakistan’s Trustees, staff and their families will be kept safe and well during this pandemic. Please pray especially the family of Sammy Lyall, former National Director of Feba Pakistan, who died last month.

WEDNESDAY 7th October

The team is constantly seeking new creative talent to join the ministry team. Please pray for artists, writers and singers to come forward and respond to God’s call to share the gospel through all the different channels and platforms used by Feba in Pakistan. We thank God for enabling people to use the talents He has given them to inspire others and let them know how much He loves them.

THURSDAY 8th October

We give thanks to God that one of the Urdu programmes, Eternal Life, has just celebrated its Silver Jubilee in September 2020. Rev. Yaqoob Inayat based in the USA is producing and sharing this 30-minute gospel programme on shortwave radio. We praise God that many have come to know Christ and found the promise of eternal life through listening to this programme.

FRIDAY 9th October 

Feba Pakistan has produced 100 programmes in a special series on COVID-19 on social media platforms since February 2020. This began as an awareness campaign titled, Till the Dawn Breaks, based on encouraging words from the Gospel. The programmes have received a huge response and interaction from listeners. Please pray for all those who have been blessed through this daily 15-minute programme during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SATURDAY 10th October

Please pray for the production teams working on shortwave, FM and social media programming who are reaching out to thousands of listeners with messages of hope, love and the redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ.