Feba supports work amongst a nomadic people group of 1.5 million people in NE Africa. This mainly Muslim group spans three countries. Their lifestyle of constantly being on the move makes them especially difficult to reach and hampers church planting efforts. A Friend in the Wilderness is a daily radio programme that is produced and broadcast in this language on shortwave. Look out for more information about this project in the next issue of voice.   

SUNDAY 9th April

On this joyful Easter Sunday, we give thanks for Jesus, the resurrection and the life.

Over the last two years, Feba's partners in NE Africa have been praying for refugees struggling to survive in camps in the border areas. We praise God that most of these refugees have now safely left for a new camp that has been set up in a neighbouring country. Please pray that this camp will be a stepping stone to a more settled and safer existence for these vulnerable, displaced people.

MONDAY 10th April

While the violent conflict in the region has now dissipated, the loss of life and damage to homes and livelihoods will be felt by every person in this part of NE Africa for many years to come. Please pray for all those involved in building peace, justice, healing and reconciliation either face-to-face or over the airwaves. Isaiah 26:3

TUESDAY 11th April

Despite much opposition and instability in the region, the team is thankful that the radio programmes have been well received and reached an even wider audience over the last year. Please pray for continued strength and guidance for the team as they share the gospel and speak words of comfort to many listening on shortwave radio and via different social media. Matthew 11:28-29

WEDNESDAY 12th April

The team recently provided training in trauma healing to 35 refugees in the new camp in a neighbouring country. There are currently around 22,000 refugees in this camp. Almost every refugee has the same deep wounds and stories to tell. Please pray that God will use this training to bring comfort, healing and hope to many more refugees in the camp. Psalm 94:17-19

THURSDAY 13th April

Many mothers in the refugee camp are having to raise their children alone without the support of a husband or partner. With husbands either dead or serving in the military, the wives are carrying huge burdens which are also affecting the development and wellbeing of their children. Please pray for God's healing and restoration for these brave mothers and their children. Pray the children will not be scarred and held back by memories of the recent conflict.  

FRIDAY 14th April

Reports are coming in that many refugees in the neighbouring region are suffering and in great need because there is no assistance being made available for them. Please pray that God would make a way for help and humanitarian aid to reach them urgently. Matthew 25:40

SATURDAY 15th April

With the growing expansion of radio and other communications across this region, there is an urgent need for more people to join the team as presenters, producers and follow-up counsellors. Please pray that God will call more Jesus followers with energy and commitment to help expand this much-needed radio ministry. Mark 16:15