Feba UK supports work amongst a nomadic people group of around 1.5 million people in NE Africa, as reported in our latest issue of voice magazine. This mainly Muslim group spans three countries. Their lifestyle of constantly being on the move makes them especially difficult to reach and hampers church planting efforts. A daily radio programme sharing news, health advice and the gospel is produced and broadcast in this language on shortwave and also distributed via SD cards.   

SUNDAY 12th February

Please pray for those in the nomadic people group who are participating in listener groups in one part of the region. Despite the dangers of sharing the gospel, Feba's local partners are discreetly introducing people to Jesus through listening to programmes broadcast on the radio and then recorded and shared on SD cards. Pray that God would use these broadcasts to stir the hearts and minds of the nomadic people to put their faith and trust in Jesus. Psalm 62:8

MONDAY 13th February

Praise God that our partners are seeing nomad followers of Jesus and near-neighbour believers sharing the gospel face-to-face in their communities. Please ask God to fill them with His Spirit as they share how Jesus has forgiven and saved them so that many might come to believe the good news for themselves.

TUESDAY 14th February

The region has been beset by civil war over the last two years. Many people in the nomadic group are fleeing to other countries to escape from armed conflict, famine and a lack of medical supplies. Please pray for our partner, Andrew*, and his team as they continue to reach out with food parcels and practical assistance to those in desperate need.  Pray that these compassionate acts will help to build trust and prepare the ground for more listener groups to be established in the region. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

WEDNESDAY 15th February

We rejoice that the audio Bible will soon be available in the heart language of the nomadic people group. Please pray that God's word will speak clearly into the hearts and minds of these people and help to grow strong believers and establish new churches. Hebrews 4:12

THURSDAY 16th February

Social media is playing an increasingly vital role in sharing the gospel and establishing online communities. Please pray for the media team as they look for new ways to remain agile and use social media to reach many more people in this troubled region with the good news and love of Jesus.

FRIDAY 17th February

Please pray for peace and stability in a region that has not only been badly affected by conflict, but also drought, food shortages, locusts and the COVID-19 pandemic. Praise God that despite increased extremist activity, our partner Andrew*, is determined to never give up his passion to share the gospel. John 14:27

SATURDAY 18th February

The war is making it almost impossible for Andrew* and his team to travel around the region and meet face-to-face with listener groups and seekers. Please ask God to find a way where there appears to be no way for the teams to travel safely, especially to the remote northern part of the region where roads are often closed. Isaiah 43:16-21

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people, projects or programmes have been changed or omitted.