Feba's partners in North East Africa (NEA) are sharing the good news of Jesus on shortwave radio as well as sharing SD cards with listeners. Alongside broadcasting programmes encouraging Bible study and prayer, the team responds to phone calls and letters from listeners throughout the country eager to learn more and deepen their faith in Jesus.

SUNDAY 26th September

Please pray for Feba's programme producers who are broadcasting daily gospel messages in Amharic and Gurage languages in fresh, relevant ways. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them wisdom and understanding to prepare exactly the right message at the right time that will touch hearts and lead people to put their faith and trust in Jesus.

MONDAY 27th September

Known for running small businesses, the Gurage people love to listen to Feba's programmes while at work, especially as these are the only programmes that are broadcast in their own language. The team receives feedback from a wide cross section of the population including Muslims, Catholics, Ethiopian Orthodox believers and protestants. Please pray that as these people hear God's Word on the radio, the Holy Spirit will change their lives and bring transformation in their communities.

TUESDAY 28st September

The team is planning to distribute around 700 micro-SD cards filled with gospel messages in Amharic and Gurage languages. The current situation with COVID-19 is making it difficult to travel. Please pray that God will open doors to enable the Good News of Jesus to be heard and spread widely across NEA.

WEDNESDAY 29th September

A listener from the capital called Feba's partner in NEA and said, "As I was searching for VOA (Voice Of America) on shortwave, I found your radio programme. The song I heard on the first day touched my heart and I decided to listen to your programmes daily. Through time, my heart was filled with joy as I listened to your messages. I then decided to follow Jesus". Please pray for this man that he will become salt and light in his community.

THURSDAY 30th September

Pray for the large numbers of people who have been displaced in the wake of war and tribal conflicts across the region. For many, shortwave radio provides the only means of communication for news and information. Please pray that God will equip and enable our partners to expand Feba's vital ministry on radio and audio to many people who are living in fear and without hope (Isaiah 9:2).

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.