North East Africa encompasses Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. It’s a challenging region in so many ways. This week we are praying for our partner project that is reaching out to Amharic and Gurage language listeners. This project speaks to the physical, social and spiritual needs of listeners while sharing the difference Jesus makes in our lives.

SUNDAY 20th September   

According to our partner, *Dawit in NEA, the biggest challenge they have been facing apart from Covid-19 is hunger. Please pray for the rural communities that have had their livelihoods destroyed in recent months by droughts, floods and swarms of locusts. May God grant them renewed hope and a plentiful harvest.

MONDAY 21st September   

Thank God for the full-time staff and freelancers who are passionate, prayerful and committed to bring the good news of Jesus to unreached groups in the region. Please pray for inspiration and creativity as the team work on producing new messages each day. Give them wisdom as they counsel and encourage listeners on the phone and through emails and letters.

TUESDAY 22nd September   

The majority of Feba’s listeners in NEA are poor and depend on a daily income for survival. As a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many have lost their jobs and have no income to feed their families. Please pray for those in authority that God will guide them to protect the health of their people and provide for those in greatest need.

WEDNESDAY 23rd September

Please pray for ‘S’, a producer who is struggling with high blood pressure and diabetes. He also has bronchitis. With the cold and rainy season, his health is deteriorating. Ask for God’s healing touch on his life in Jesus’ Name.

THURSDAY 24th September

Praise God that people are hearing God’s word in their own language and seeing its relevance to their everyday lives. Please pray for the team producing the Thursday programmes reaching families from all religions and none. May God’s word open hearts and minds to the truth about Jesus today, especially among families who might be tuning in for the first time.

FRIDAY 25th September 

The Friday programmes are designed to speak directly to Muslims. We give thanks and pray for this brave listener who shared his testimony recently: “I am a convert who now knows Jesus Christ because of your programmes. I and my family are Muslims. One Friday night I heard your Muslim programme when I was searching for a radio station. God is able to change anyone who has a hard heart and I am his son now”. Pray that listeners will continue to benefit from these messages and share them with family, friends and neighbours.

SATURDAY 26th September

On Saturdays, the programme schedule focuses on discipleship. Please pray for everyone listening today that they will be inspired to go deeper in their faith and become committed disciples of Jesus.

SUNDAY 27th September   

Pray for the children and students across NEA who are stranded because of Covid-19. Almost all classes have stopped and uncertainty about the future is causing widespread hopelessness and frustration among many young people. Please lift up teachers and ministers in charge of education in prayer and ask God for wisdom in resolving the current impasse.

MONDAY 28th September   

Reports are emerging in NEA of many children being abused by their own relatives in lockdown. Please pray for God’s intervention and protection for those who feel trapped, fearful and particularly vulnerable at this time.

TUESDAY 29th September   

We thank God for the testimony of this listener and pray that he would have divine protection and courage to speak openly about his faith in Jesus: “I come from a Muslim family. When I was in high school my English teacher lived near my house. So when I walked to school we met on the road. After greeting me, he told me that Al-Mesh Isa is our saviour. He said we must believe in him (Jesus), to receive eternal life. He invited me to listen to your Friday programing on the radio, since that day I listen to your programs and I decided to receive Jesus as my personal saviour.”

WEDNESDAY 30th September

Please pray for all those listening and responding to the daily messages that *Dawit is broadcasting via his Telegram channel. With limited access to the internet, pray that Feba’s programmes can still be broadcast and heard by the rapidly increasing number of new listeners.