North East Africa (NEA) is a challenging region in so many ways. This week we are praying for our partner project that is reaching out to an oral rural group from a Muslim background. This is one of many media projects where programmes are produced to address the physical, social and spiritual needs of audiences living in remote and restrictive environments where life is often very difficult.

SUNDAY 15th March

Every month our partner receives about 400 letters and phone calls from the 'Am' language listening group asking questions on spiritual and family issues. Some decide to follow Jesus after listening and receiving follow up. Praise God for this opportunity to bring the gospel to these people.

MONDAY 16th March

A listener working in mobile phone maintenance from the northern region came to know the Lord a few years ago through Feba’s partner programmes. Since then he has started to use the internet to reach his own people for Christ. Many people are now listening to his programmes. We praise God for the fruit of radio! Please pray for this man and ask for wisdom as he share God’s word with his own people.

TUESDAY 17th March

Pray for our partners ministering to those from a Muslim background. In February, our partners trained over 100 new potential house group leaders and equipped them with a radio and micro SD card. Please pray that these new leaders will use the equipment and training wisely to help advertise the radio programmes and form listener groups.

WEDNESDAY 18th March

Although our partners are ministering primarily to an oral culture, there is still an urgent need for God’s word to be written in the heart language of this isolated people group in NEA. We praise God that the New Testament translation is now in its final stages of completion after an incredibly long process that has taken decades. Please pray that  printed copies will be made available very soon (2 Timothy 3: 16-17).

THURSDAY 19th March

Praise God for our partner’s growing social media internet ministry among young people. Our partners had been putting a one-hour weekly programme on a local government FM station and continuing the conversation online over social media, but this has now been forced to close. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as our partner tries to continue to communicate with the young people who got in touch. Ask that the team will not get discouraged but seek alternative ways to use the internet and audio media creatively to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

FRIDAY 20th March

Our partner is using weekly programmes on shortwave radio to minister to unreached diaspora communities in a country where believers are persecuted and churches are closed down. Together let’s give thanks that our partner was able to add an extra day to their weekly broadcasting schedule! They are also using social media to distribute God’s Word. Many are listening to the programmes and calling the producer to express their appreciation and say how God’s word is comforting them and sustaining their spiritual life. Please pray for these believers and ask God to bring freedom to their country.

SATURDAY 21st March

Please pray for Dawit*, Feba’s NEA coordinator, and his family. Two of his children are at university in NEA. Recently they had to return home for over a month after the university was forced to close following violent tribal conflicts. Now his children have been able to return to their studies, please pray that God will protect all students attending universities and high schools in NEA.